[FT] What was in your Luck items or Custom Pack?

Because it's nice to share and because we are all a bit curious!
So please tell us what you got in yours default smiley :d
Also please remember that this topic is just for the results of your horns of plenty default smiley :)
It's not a chat room, so avoid randomness. default smiley ;)
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09/09/2021 - Title updated to include all Luck Items and Custom Packs
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Got Apeliotes! Took 9 HOPs, but they were all from my inventory!! It was literally my last inventory HOP that got him. Also got 3 Titan's Challenges from those HOPs! Pretty stoked about that too.
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No wins yet with T Challenges after the 3 free HOP ones and 3 paid... was kinda hoping that would be an easier win given the 117 frag drop rate. Would need 3 more to fill the meter but haven't decided yet if I want to drop those passes given I don't think the passes would pay back...? Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, haven't done the math there.

One try for Fern and no luck, TBD if I try again.
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I decided to try my luck and got 2 Apeliotes within 5 HOPs. default smiley :)
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Opened 8 HoPs and no luck :') Got a Nyx, GA, Tears, Bolt, and a Prix bonus though. Hopefully Xanthos is nice to me
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Spent 200p on a golden fleece and manged to get a 2 star and the divine on first try then used the HoP I got from that and managed to get the divine from the HoP.

I have officially used up all my luck and will not be trying for more lol. Best set of luck I've had since last year for luck items.
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Tried 7 HOP’s from inventory
I got Apeliotes on my third one. Got some decent quality BMI’s but not a second divine
Overall a great weekend. Got the one divine I wanted and didn’t have spend any passes
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It took me 30 HOPs to get Apeliotes. This may be the worst streak of luck I've ever gotten lololololol. So much pain...
Dragon Skies
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Only opened 2 Hops (1 objective, 1 to test my luck). Got GA and Poseidon's pack so i'm very happy actually ! Have learnt not to try my luck on divines unless I can max the meter default smiley xd
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I’ve won Apeliotes from my objective HoP great start of the day default smiley (7)
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No wind divine but I got some great items

P stone, blood, wand, apple, WOY, stroke
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Lyn_Lyn wrote:

Literally luckiest day ever??? I had 4 HOPs stored up from the event and I got the divine. I have no idea how to make him reach the tempest tho? � Never had a wind divine before.

Congratulations on wining the divine.
For wind divines you need to board them in an EC with water trough and a shower you also need to apply: Water of Youth, Achilles Hell and Philotes Stroke.

To fill the wind strength you need to go on ocean rides, but only go on rides when the wind strength is positive.

How i do rides with mine is I go on 1h ocean ride then groom, carrot, drink and required fodder and max oats, then go on 2h ocean rides and stroke 2 times and mash and then another 1h of ocean rides.
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Opened the objective HoP.
27 frags.
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Opened one titan, got the floppy eared thing and went one more level and got a nice amount of aging points.
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Opened all 21 inventory HoPs and got Apeliotes on the very last one! Now to start hoarding again...
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I got my free HoP today from the daily objectives and got the 919 fragments I needed for Apeliotes! It was a nice surprise. default smiley :)
Captain Canada
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I got Apeliotes from my daily objective HoP! It was a great surprise.
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I got Apeliotes in my objective HoP on my Swedish account too!!! default smiley :d
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Used passes to open HoPs for the windy boy as I'm saving all my HoPs for another divine. Had some frags on the meter already, and lucked out at 800 frags-ish. So, spent 1500p to get him. I also won these BMIs:

x2 HoPs

They're all BMI's I needed, or that I use/trade, so I'm pretty happy overall!default smiley ^)
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Wow, opened my daily objective HOP today and got Apeliotes! It was a wonderful surprise because I'd already decided not to go for him with my inventory HOPs.
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Opened 23 HoP and got 621 fragments. Worst luck I've had so far, but oh well. No divine this time
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manages to pick up 4 wind divines within about 25 hops, not too bad default smiley :)
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maybe i took all the luck...?
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I got a fertility wand in my horn of plenty! And how do i join a team?
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Red Giant fragments are 18 a Crown for those wondering, so that makes the cost 9520 passes straight and 5440 if you get all the fragments from the event (if I did the math correctly).
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Veren wrote:

Red Giant fragments are 18 a Crown for those wondering, so that makes the cost 9520 passes straight and 5440 if you get all the fragments from the event (if I did the math correctly).

The price is 2550-2700p if you get all the Fragments and daily objectives default smiley :)
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Nalu93 wrote:

The price is 2550-2700p if you get all the Fragments and daily objectives

default smiley (lol) Forgot the dailies give fragments.
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