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official threadOur newest feature changes are here! Cailow1134,2172019-05-25 03:52
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official threadSurvey: Japanese Ruinslocked thread Cailow2182,8492019-05-18 14:41
[FT] What was in your HOP? 
Ow51,1041,138,2942019-05-25 02:02
Looking for Congratulations? 
Ow38,181877,3832019-05-25 00:44
[FT] What is your favourite horse-themed movie? 
pillOw1202,7882019-05-24 23:26
[Info] Blupping Info and Help 
zepharo8,868494,4352019-05-24 22:51
[FT] Spoiler Zone! 
Ow58,2123,378,2752019-05-24 22:10
[FT] Howrse Spotters 
Ow27,7991,237,7642019-05-24 20:48
[Info] The Retired Helios' Ray Gallery 
haffyfan1886,1142019-05-24 14:52
New: Divine Dust! 
Cailow2768,0492019-05-24 13:55
[Info] The Retired Coat Gallery 
Jaguar173,5934,482,5312019-05-24 07:27
[Info] NIB Horses 
Rivenwood41,547992,2872019-05-23 21:08
[Info] Cross breeders 
zepharo177,8582,924,9132019-05-23 02:37
Finding a Friend 
Retired breeder91,9021,510,0892019-05-21 05:38
Welcome the Japanese divine horses! 
Cailow911,9522019-05-16 19:26
Excavate the Japanese ruins! 
Cailow5168,0342019-05-13 15:14
Update: Pigy bank notifications 
Cailow782,5752019-05-13 00:48
[Info] Posting images in forums (and PMs) 
horselover19811,874103,2032019-05-08 14:45
[FT] Happy 12th Birthday! 
pillOw427622019-05-01 21:51
Survey: Egg Decorationslocked thread 
Cailow2702,8462019-04-28 21:53
February brings competitions changes! 
Cailow66410,3512019-04-25 21:22
[FT] What UFOs did you get today? 
Ow32,704715,7482019-04-25 08:44
[FT] Favourite horse names? 
Ow18,775518,4422019-04-24 15:30
[Info] Posting links 
horselover198182050,7682019-04-24 02:32
Let’s decorate some eggs! 
Cailow3175,5282019-04-23 15:33
[FT] Easter quiz! 
pillOw243442019-04-21 21:40
New luck item: Companions Chest! 
Cailow1773,3692019-04-20 01:21
[FT/Info] Avatars--The How To's And What's Yours 
SDPG_SSM9,689332,0102019-04-18 19:55
[Info] Companion coats Gallery 
pixiesbite5,168284,6322019-04-17 03:24
[Info] Profile Help/Tips - NO ads 
Retired breeder3,820176,2722019-04-15 21:58
Sneak Peek into our world 
Ow157232019-04-10 21:58