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announcementDaily Objectives: Tips & Tricks Cailow1,76142,7592020-02-18 18:46
announcementAncient horse Yggdrasil! Cailow18511,9522020-02-15 16:11
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Breeding question 
Tom Hiddleston3182020-02-19 23:03
Becky Boo211182020-02-19 22:44
reserved sales-maximum amount passeslocked thread 
Koshenya2152020-02-19 22:40
i need help on how to play the game 
silverspurs:)3392020-02-19 22:34
Gypsumlocked thread 
grayorb2522020-02-19 22:26
competition prestige 
t e n n y s o n2192020-02-19 22:25
t e n n y s o n1302020-02-19 22:17
Three Breeding Questionslocked thread 
Isobel Buchan3252020-02-19 22:10
are these Glitches 
Tzipporah1342020-02-19 21:58
Emerald Forest5702020-02-19 21:44
Pass Seeds! 
kenziejack2352020-02-19 21:29
Improving EC Prestige - Competitions 
Nuttybabez3382020-02-19 21:26
GP fountain 
Mizzy2462020-02-19 21:19
AP farm changeslocked thread 
horses072322020-02-19 20:54
Help I’m new 
toriwoo121342020-02-19 20:53
element horselocked thread 
t e n n y s o n2202020-02-19 20:32
Divines and EC Prestigelocked thread 
OdinMinusNull3262020-02-19 20:12
HoGs In Sales 
stellae1552020-02-19 20:09
piece of cloud 
pelli821312020-02-19 19:56
book of monsters how many are there ? 
Spaniels4Ever7262020-02-19 19:55
Skills to win a rosette 
abi.smithxx2492020-02-19 19:03
Divine horses being aged.locked thread 
Vasya2312020-02-19 19:00
Profile presentation 
Blue Moon Fields3412020-02-19 18:35
Blup Confusion or Glitch ?? 
Mickaykay6752020-02-19 18:12
Is there a complete list of divines & perks?locked thread 
Lukaloney4372020-02-19 17:29
Objective Questionlocked thread 
Excalibur232182020-02-19 17:17
Philosopher's Stone death 
ChuckieGirl3732020-02-19 17:15
no comps for low level horses ? 
Spaniels4Ever2252020-02-19 16:53
Rotten Randy2462020-02-19 16:14
[Censored message]locked thread 
adialarah1642020-02-19 16:06
Maintainence - Xmas pack privilegeslocked thread 
Desertmorn41512020-02-19 16:01
Putting a Horse to Bed before Grooming itlocked thread 
heather19992332020-02-19 15:46
Equestrian Center Glitch? 
raquelmckay3302020-02-19 14:59
Finding APslocked thread 
oldaccdeleted3232020-02-19 14:54
GA coat gonelocked thread 
CLcatt-1823622020-02-19 14:43
Snitching people 
HappyHippo71152020-02-19 14:12