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announcementDaily Objectives: Tips & Tricks Ow2,13691,3992023-03-26 03:06
announcement[Known Issue] Promotional/Advertisement Videos EchOw573,8592023-03-24 09:32
announcementMake the Most of your Howrse Support Experience Ow344,5112023-03-07 10:59
announcement[Known Issue] Performance Issues EchOw361,7632022-12-25 15:52
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announcementCompanions and their bonuseslocked thread minkthepink010,0042021-11-03 13:46
Against the rules 
Willow_082282023-03-28 15:05
Ad Video Not Loadinglocked thread 
NachoUnicorn132023-03-28 15:04
Against the rules to make more than 1 account?locked thread 
shan_95_1381302023-03-28 14:38
Athena’s Medal on Zebra 
TallyHoe3372023-03-28 14:34
Iris coat 
bearcrazy2552023-03-28 12:52
Are the rosettes trophies reset monthly? 
kkeappy3702023-03-28 12:19
Bonuses in the Equestrian center 
roisiVio2692023-03-28 07:30
100 Blup Divine Horselocked thread 
CLGpinkie2442023-03-28 04:15
Unicorn Breeding Timelocked thread 
Phantom.Rider.2512023-03-28 03:33
Breeding unicorns 
jacksmom6972023-03-28 03:00
Arabian not winning in cutting? 
Bbarry061751552023-03-28 02:16
daily intractable divineslocked thread 
Tearsong3722023-03-27 23:22
Apprentice Objective help 
Samantha963732023-03-27 23:02
Breeding farm 
kc1922722023-03-27 21:45
Team Prestige 
Sonas2382023-03-27 21:44
Activating my account 
Anya Ashburn41122023-03-27 21:32
Bolded skills 
Runners Delight3832023-03-27 19:45
DA horses 
SealThigh2702023-03-27 19:43
Longest Ride3852023-03-27 18:52
Trophy Prizelocked thread 
SealThigh5542023-03-27 16:16
Do fragments reset?locked thread 
Tearsong2642023-03-27 14:13
Poseiden Pack 
Yoteamo2912023-03-27 08:03
Howrse site not refreshing?locked thread 
pallaadium2592023-03-27 06:37
Howrse Discord 
Isla_Mar41162023-03-27 03:00
Frost BLUPlocked thread 
OceanEyes21092023-03-27 01:05
Horse Sales feature 
Thunder1231942023-03-26 23:25
Coverings for Mareslocked thread 
cowgirlxupx203892023-03-26 22:00
App version appearing in browser on iPad 
BlitzLightning3722023-03-26 21:34
Divines in Pass Packlocked thread 
Yukari41412023-03-26 20:51
Golden Apple Collection?locked thread 
SealThigh2492023-03-26 20:51
Disappearing divine? 
pretty.odd2862023-03-26 20:37
Automatic purchase 
ꜰᴇʏʀᴇ ᴀʀᴄʜᴇʀoɴ1652023-03-26 20:35
vintage applelocked thread 
jazminanne31112023-03-26 17:58
Equestrian Centre Boarding Endlocked thread 
Titanwhiskers2742023-03-26 16:09