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announcementDaily Objectives: Tips & Tricks Cailow1,51733,0792019-12-11 08:58
announcementAncient horse Yggdrasil! Cailow1669,7882019-12-07 21:29
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VIP tester slots 
piff10882019-12-11 13:54
Aging Points Search 
Little Starling2262019-12-11 13:53
Breeding Farmlocked thread 
cowgirlmads2232019-12-11 10:09
Earning Money from ECs 
HORSESRAWESOME5852019-12-11 07:00
Special/Devine Horse 
Colleen24992019-12-11 06:55
Help with Breeding 
Mickaykay3262019-12-11 06:55
Color bonus 
bearcrazy5652019-12-11 05:55
Nonexistent objective prizelocked thread 
Sparkler2592019-12-11 05:22
[Censored message]locked thread 
Flappchex232772019-12-11 04:21
Equiping 2** Items 
Elpis5782019-12-11 03:50
Breeding Before Blupped 
HurdRockFarms4582019-12-11 03:27
Beach Rides?locked thread 
Syelfavaki2462019-12-11 02:54
winning a golden horseshoe 
stevespiller1232019-12-11 02:46
Consistently underweight howrse 
OwlzOfDoom5682019-12-11 02:25
Teams?locked thread 
delli78712019-12-11 02:17
Reindeer Divines 
Olaftheangelpony1462019-12-11 01:59
Horn of Plenty from DOs 
HORSESRAWESOME2442019-12-11 00:59
Piggy bank 
hosrelover121422019-12-11 00:00
Boarding Horses 
longhornfarmer1352019-12-10 23:52
Wind Divinelocked thread 
Tzipporah7672019-12-10 23:46
Reindeer Divines 
blonde hair4542019-12-10 23:45
GA Coats Topic 
Amethyst_171392019-12-10 22:55
missing horse? 
littledreamer2882019-12-10 22:11
Fun Topic - your favourite Christmas thinglocked thread 
minkthepink422422019-12-10 21:56
How do you change your presentation page?locked thread 
Happy Horse 3450292019-12-10 21:31
Demidragons3402019-12-10 21:00
app help-log in via FBlocked thread 
Jane Green2232019-12-10 20:23
Sanushi2672019-12-10 19:42
Putting to bed my horses 
Tom Hiddleston1512019-12-10 19:24
AP Farming? 
satine_scarlet1492019-12-10 19:07
100 Blup or 70 Blup?locked thread 
Jennifer Rice51952019-12-10 18:21
Vintage Apple Exchange? 
String's End Farm2642019-12-10 17:56
Special Features?locked thread 
Opportunity-Rover3372019-12-10 17:49
Tiny Howrselocked thread 
OwlzOfDoom3552019-12-10 17:30
.gamer girl.2322019-12-10 17:18
VIP Eligibilitylocked thread 
kesha2939975992019-12-10 16:10