Rate the horse name above you (:

By Retired breeder, 21st July 2014 18:31:21
You all know how this goes but this is with a twist, someone says a horse name (ex. Lucky, Max,Leon) and you rate it out of 10 points and say why.
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By Retired breeder, 11th August 2019 17:12:51
Star Sprinkled 6 eh...
Raindrops/rain 8 cute
Carnival King /king 8 interesting
Lily of the Valley 100 beautiful
Promising Azra 2 just dont like it, it really makes no sense. sorrydefault smiley :s
Promise 9 gorgeous

By Retired breeder, 12th August 2019 08:44:00
Liliana - 6/10, seems too much like a human name.
Olive - 9/10, adorable!!

Ambition's Master
Cheyenne's Pride
Star Sprinkled Velvet (Velvet)
Winter's Jack Frost (Frost/Frosty or Jack)
By Retired breeder, 12th August 2019 12:32:06
lol i cant choose which one i like best, so all tens!

Frankie (my cats name)
Cloudy Stars
Sunset Waves
Squirt(for a small horse)
Lily Pad
Squirt 10/10-Why? Because I have an App cross filly named that lol, and yes she's little
Waco 9/10-I would name a gelding this lol

All the rest, 8/10
Jennifer Rice
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Oh yeah, I'm supposed to suggest mine.

Minnie Mouse
Jennifer Rice
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By Retired breeder, 14th August 2019 12:59:51
Hank i really dont know.... 7? i guess
Boss 6 its a cool name but not my style
Dude 6 see above
Minnie Mouse 7 interesting......
Bo 8 cute!
Lady 8 also cute!default smiley (lol)
Misery 5 it seems like such a sad name for a horse, sorry....default smiley :s
Edwin 10 my fave!
0- if its a name i like it alot for some reason lol

Firefly (for a small, spunky horse)
Chocolate Fox
Graham Cracker
Little Light
By Retired breeder, 16th August 2019 06:44:50
Melodramatic - 7, doesn't seem like a horse name.
Firefly - 10/10, adorable!
Simba - 8/10, good name, but I keep thinking of the lion. default smiley (lol)
Applewood - 10/10, Apple for short?
Chocolate Fox - 9/10, it would need a shortened name though.
Russet - 9/10, pretty.
Graham Cracker - 10/10, unusual!
Little Light - 10/10, this is a beautiful name.
Magpie - 10/10, cute!
Octave - 9/10, gorgeous

Winter's Snowflake (Snowflake)
Talence (Pronounced Talents)
Sweet Charity
Featherwings (Feather)
Winter's Snowflake 8/10 Its okay but why winter's?
Talence 10/10 its good but whats talence?
Sweet Charity10/10 its cute
Featherwings 3/10 its confusing
Mayflower 10/10 cute since its named after a boat

Here are my horses

Fletcher (its from a show)
Black Beauty
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By Retired breeder, 18th August 2019 14:34:20
Fletcher (its from a show) 8 interesting
Jet 8 I like it!
Brownie 5 too common
Duchess 7 eh
Black Beauty 5 not naming my horse after any characters
Kenzie 2 more like a human name
Kiley 2 see above

Lil Spice
Splatter of Paint (paint or splatter for barn name)
the Bomb
Chocolatta - 6. would be cute for a little bay mare maybe.
Crossbones - 6. edgy, unique.
Lil Spice - 9. super cute for a spicy lil pony default smiley :)
Splatter of Paint (paint or splatter for barn name) - 9. cute but common.
the Bomb - 3. too violent and crazy sounding.
Phantom - 7. cute but also extremely common.

Baask's Brass Piper (by Sunset Baask) - palomino gelding
Victorion Lace
Pyramid Tiara
Bodacious Starfire
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By Retired breeder, 18th August 2019 20:24:02
t h e y a r e s o c o o l ! a l l t e n / t e n.

Falling Leaves

Casted Shadow

Hooves and Heartbreakers (Heartbreaker)
I like them! The middle one is my favorite!

Sunday's light

That's the name of my horse, but we didn't choose it default smiley :)
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Sunday's light 10/10 hun its cute even though you didnt choose it!

More horses i got after my last post

Smokey Skies
Carmine (it means red)
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Major 9 cute! It would be cute on a bay ponydefault smiley (l)
Raspberry 7, kinda commen
Duke see raspberry
Apple 9 cute!
Smokey Skies 10 love it!
Chip 10 one of my favs!
Java 8 cute!
Wasabi 6 not quite sure how to pronounce
Carmine (it means red) cute! 10!

Snow angel
Buck and cover
Fire blanket
Fire wheel
Steel my heart
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By Retired breeder, 21st August 2019 12:35:28
i. love. them. all!!! so much!!! ten / ten

Lil Piggy


Fifth Gen(gen)

By Retired breeder, 21st August 2019 13:25:38
and wasabi is pronounced,
By Retired breeder, 22nd August 2019 21:29:53
Potatoes is my favedefault smiley (lol)
Lil Piggy 4/10

Panther 8/10 I can see naming a horse that if he was fast and black

Fifth Gen(gen) 3/10

Seaside 6/10
I know mules with all these names.

Bonny Clyde/Bonny

Red Feather/Feather


Tater Tot/Tater


Lucy Long Legs/Lucy
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By Retired breeder, 24th August 2019 13:09:57
Bonny Clyde/Bonny 7/10 cute. isnt it an actors name?

Red Feather/Feather 10/10 one of my fave names! naming my cherry bay mustang this lol

Fenix 5/10 interesting

Tater Tot/Tater 10/10 i love it

Classy 8/10 again, cute!

Lucy Long Legs/Lucy 8/10 funny, especially for a donkey or ponydefault smiley (lol)
By Retired breeder, 24th August 2019 13:11:54
Kitty Prints

Strand of Pearls (Pearls)


Hamburger! jk

Paris on My Mind (Paris)

Ruby Red (Red or Ruby)
By Retired breeder, 24th August 2019 20:46:48
Howrse seems to be asleep this week.

Kitty Prints 6 not my favorite, but kitty is cute.

Strand of Pearls (Pearls) 8 nice!

Clearpool 5 it sounds like the name uf a music band, I'm not sure it would fit a horse.

Hamburger! 10! Love it! Would work on a Shetlanddefault smiley (l)

Paris on My Mind (Paris) 8 cool!

Ruby Red (Red or Ruby) 9 love it!

Marching band (march)
Winner's circle
Horse shoe of roses
Better then a bike
Blue jeans
Pony cakes
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By Retired breeder, 25th August 2019 12:48:11
@HorseCrazy15, you are right! we should be friends
By Retired breeder, 25th August 2019 12:53:42
Marching band (march) Eight, i like the show name better
Rosette Ten, i love it!
Winner's circle, eight, maybe shorten it to Winner sometimes?
Horse shoe of roses Ten, all the possibilities of shortening...... like Horseshoe or Horse or shoe or rose or roses.. okay im done now
Better then a bike ten definetley better than a bike! shorten it to bike maybe?
Blue jeans ten would be cute to call the horse Jeanie!
Pi this ones my fave ten thousand
Piggie ahahahahahah i like it nine
Pony cakes nine could call him cakesdefault smiley (l)

Elephánté (eh-leh-fān-té)

Little Miss


Lips are Zipped (Zippy)
Elephánté (eh-leh-fān-té) 9 cute!

Little Miss 8, I think it should go along with son thing else, like "little miss cuteness"

Chevron I know a real life horse with this name! 10!

Lips are Zipped (Zippy) 9 cute!

Sho girl (girlie)
In the spotlight (spotlight)
Leader of the pack (Leah)
Nothin' between me (bessy)
Ahead of you (winner)
Blue ribbon champ (champ or blue)
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