Rate the horse name above you (:

By Retired breeder, 21st July 2014 18:31:21
You all know how this goes but this is with a twist, someone says a horse name (ex. Lucky, Max,Leon) and you rate it out of 10 points and say why.
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Galaxy (Gala) - 10/10 beautiful name
Over the Moon (Moon) - 9/10 cool name, i like Moon more
Onyx Origin - 9/10 i like onyx, and this name is pretty cool
Nova - 9/10 very good name, i like it
Cinders - 7/10 not the name i'd choose
Sox - 7/10 not the name i'd choose
Junebug or June - 8/10 good name, but not the name i'd choose
Apollo - 10/10 i like all greek gods but Apollo is the best

Summer Shadow (Summer or Shadow)
Falling Mist(Misty)
Soul from Underworld(Soul)
Guardian of Sky(Sky)
The Strongest Avenger(Avenger)
Fantasy Reader
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By Retired breeder, 12th September 2019 01:15:28
Summer Shadow (Summer or Shadow) 9/10 sounds awesome, but might not work with some horses :P
Falling Mist(Misty) 7/10 I kinda like this name! It reminds me of a lot of blue, and of the gym leader Misty : )
Soul from Underworld(Soul) 9/10 This is a really cool name, though its longer form is kinda long. Imagine losing it in the fields and trying to call out "Soul of the Underworld!"
Hades 10/10 Just a great name for a horse since I love Hades and that whole concept : )
Guardian of Sky(Sky) 8/10 Not my cup of tea but still a good name!
Leo 6/10 It's a good name (same as my cousin's) but not as cool as the others ^w^
The Strongest Avenger(Avenger) 5/10 I'm not a Marvel fan lol (I know it doesn't always apply to Marvel but still)

Now mine! Please don't judge, I'm not the best :P

Cloud 8/10 a little classic
Spirit 9/10 love it
Jade 10/10
Aphrodite 7/10 what does that mean?
Zeus 8/10

Here’s mine
A double shot of jack (Ace)
Loco girl (locy sounds like low key)
Pretty as a feather (feather)
Dancing in the dark!
Tatortots (tator)
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@lakeview Aphrodite-goddess of love.

A double shot of jack (Ace)-7/10
Loco Girl-8/10
Feather-8/10 (I would get a tan and white paint and call it yellowfeather)
Dancing in the Dark-8/10

Eucelyptia (you-kell-ipt-ee-uh)
Ariane (air-ee-anne)
Tin-Can (nice yellow horse)
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I'm really picky on names so please don't be offended.
Eucelyptia (you-kell-ipt-ee-uh) 8 cute! Maybe Euce for short?
Hazelnut 10 hazel for short? Love it!
Dreambig 9 I would put a space between the words, and I would have the barn name be dreamer. Other then that I love it!
Ariane (air-ee-anne) 7 cute, not quite sure what it means
Meteor 10! Love it!
Tin-Can (nice yellow horse) 7 not my fav, but still cute

Gotta keep on (gabby)
Walking on clouds (cloudy)
Texas ( tex )
Big wide world (Willie)
Desert storm (sandy)
Earthquake (thunder)
Persevere (pinks)
Black wonder (wonder)
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Gabby 6/10
Cloudy 10/10
Amarillo 10/10 that’s different
Tex 8/10
Willie 10/10
Sandy 9/10
Thunder 10/10
Rocket 9/10
Airborne 10/10
Pinks 9/10
Wonder 8/10
Unstoppable 9/10
Great names !

Bradly (story on my page)
Thinking bout you (tinky)
Just a girl
Low as can go (speedy)
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Bradly (story on my page) 8 cute!
Thinking bout you (tinky) 9 love it!
Bubbles 10 a dappled grey Shetland geldingdefault smiley (7)
Just a girl 10 cute!
Low as can go (speedy) 6 not my favorite
Mark 5 I don't like giving human names to horses
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I forgot about my names!

Appalachian (appy)
New beginnings (Genesis)
Apple pie order (apple)
Ocean runner (wave)
Spice it up (spice)
Whirlwind (windy)

That's all for now!
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Appalachian (appy) 8/10 I gave it bonus points for creativity, but I didn’t really like it
New beginnings (Genesis) 8/10 I like this name! I would definitely use it
Apple pie order (apple) 6/10 cute! but I don’t really like it
Ocean runner (wave) 9/10 I really love this one!
Spice it up (spice) 8/10 nice name, but I don’t think it’ll fit with an horse
Whirlwind (windy) 10/10 This name is really lovely!

My names :

A night on the plains (Nightly plains)
Wings of fate (Fate)
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By Retired breeder, 19th September 2019 02:49:54
Galaxy - 6
A night on the plains - 4
Rosaria - 6
Pines - 5
Wings of fate - 7

My Name's:

Ashes Rising
Caspian- 10 one of my favs!
Adela -8 cute!
Costello -9 sounds nice!
Athaliah 5 not sure how to pronounce...
Ashes Rising 9 love it!
Melody 10! So pretty!

Eagel's wings
Song of the sparrow
Love bird
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By Retired breeder, 22nd September 2019 00:53:36
Eagle's Wings - 7.5/10 Cool sounding, but lacks flow, and a good nickname.
Song of the Sparrow - 8/10 Same with Eagle's Wings, but I gave a point back because there are some pretty good nicknames that come off of that. I.E., "Sparrow"
Chickadee - 10/10 Just a cute name overall. Plus, killer nicknames.
Lovebird - 9.5/10 On the same page as Chickadee, sounds like a race horse's name.
By Retired breeder, 22nd September 2019 01:03:36
I just realized that I totally forgot to post the names!! Seconds after posting!!!! default smiley :o
Here are my names:
- Svadilfari
- Mercury
- Amalthea (like from that movie, The Last Unicorn)
- Catahecassa (Means "Black hoof" in Shawnee)
- Flicka ( I'm sorry, I don't know if it's frowned upon to name horses after others before, lol)
- Bill the Pony (From Lord of the Rings)
- Shadowfax (Also from Lord of the Rings)
Svaaddifiari 5/10 I don’t speak other languages
Mercury 10/10 love it
Am Aletha I think I spelled it. Wrong but 10/10
Black hoof 4/10 PM if you wanna know what black foot is!
Flicka 10/10
Bill the pony 5/10
Shadows ax 6/10
Good names
Here’s mine!
Apple bottom jeans -jeans-
America the great -America-
Sparky or sparkle pony names
Dream chaser (dream-
Hop you like them!
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Apple bottom jeans -jeans- I cute!
America the great -America- 7 cute, it just lacks flow
Sparky or sparkle pony names 9 cute!
Starlight 10!
Dream chaser (dream- 10!
Hop you like them!

Hip hop
Country road
Born for greatness
Never before
Hope for the lost
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Hip hop 3/10, really just not my type of name
Country Road 3/10, once again not my type
Born for greatness 6/10, better for me, still not quite my type
Never before 6/10 same as "born for greatness"
Hope for the lost 3/10, sounds more like a book title than horse name

Montanas Bold Sky (Montana)
Drown The Memories (Whiskey)
Noroomatthebar (Oz)
Sixoclockwakeupcall (Olivia)
Goodby Says It All (Secret)
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Montanas Bold Sky (Montana) 8 cute!
Drown The Memories (Whiskey) 6 not my favorite
Noroomatthebar (Oz) 8 cute!
Sixoclockwakeupcall (Olivia) 9 like it!
Goodby Says It All (Secret) 6 not my favorite

Weight in gold
Shine on silver
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Treasure 7/10, not my type
Weight in gold 8/10, not my type
Shine on silver 10/10, love it!
Emerald 7/10, not my type

Frenchman's Guy (Frenchy)
Dr Nick Bar (Nick)
Firewater Ta Fame (Fame)
A Dash Ta Streak (Streak)
Firewater Canyon (Whiskey
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By Retired breeder, 26th September 2019 08:35:09
Frenchman's Guy (Frenchy): 7/10, just not my thing. But interesting.
Dr Nick Bar (Nick): 6/10, this just seems way too human!
Firewater Ta Fame (Fame): 8/10, The barn name is brilliant, but I don't understand the 'ta'
A Dash Ta Streak (Streak): 8/10, same as Firewater Ta Fame.
Firewater Canyon (Whiskey): 9/10, I LOVE the show name, and the barn name is okay too.

Magician 8/10, my family owns a pony named this
Secret 7/10, not my type
Cascade 8/10, love it!
Waterfall 7/10, not my type
Ash 7/10, not my type

A Streak Of Fling (Fling)
Blazin' Jetolena (Jet)
Brother Jackson (Jackson)
Brother Tuff Wood (Tuff
Epic Leader (Epic)
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By Retired breeder, 30th September 2019 21:55:12
A Streak Of Fling (Fling) 5/10 don't really like it
Blazin' Jetolena (Jet) 10/10 really cool and cool barn name
Brother Jackson (Jackson) 5/10 i know someone with the name, Jackson.
Brother Tuff Wood (Tuff 5/10 cool kinda reminds me of the twins on Dragons race to the edge(Tuff nut & Ruff nut default smiley xd)
Epic Leader (Epic) 6/10 cool

Blazing hot hot sauce (Blaze)
Winter brain freeze (Winter)
The unspeakable Freeze (Freeze)
Rusty 5/10, personal preference
Blazing hot hot sauce (Blaze) 8/10, really love the registered name
Winter brain freeze (Winter) 8/10, catchy registered named
The unspeakable Freeze (Freeze), 7/10, personal preference, would make a great Thoroughbred name I think

Famous Bugs (Bugs)
French Streaktovegas (Vegas)
Frenchmans Maximum (Frenchy)
Heza Rare Deal (Dylan)
Lil Dreamin Magnum (Magnum)
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Famous Bugs (Bugs) 5 cute barn name, I don't care for the show name.
French Streaktovegas (Vegas) 7 kinda cute!
Frenchmans Maximum (Frenchy) 8 cute!
Heza Rare Deal (Dylan) 3 not my style
Lil Dreamin Magnum (Magnum) 7 cute!

Swing into spring (spring)
Star of the Showring (star)
The greatest champion (champ)
One of a kind (design)
Sapphire flair (Flame)
Burning Ember (ember)
Step it up (smarty)
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By Retired breeder, 12th October 2019 12:39:34
Copper 7/10
Blaze 8/10
Apple 8/10
Lady 6/10
Prince 5/10
Beauty 4/10
Pepper 8/10
Pumpkin 9/10
Swing into spring (spring) 7/10 Cute barn name but I don't love the show name
Star of the Showring (star) 7/10 again nice barn name but not into the show name
The greatest champion (champ) 3/10
One of a kind (design) 7/10 Great show name!
Sapphire flair (Flame) 4/10 Sweet barn name
Burning Ember (ember) 8/10
Step it up (smarty) 8/10 Great show name but I don't get the barn name

Running Wind (Running)
Show No Mercy (Mercy)
Winner Takes It All (Winner)
Tears of A Friend (Teardrop)
Beetle 4/10, not my style
Running Wind (Running) 5/10, don't like the barn name
Show No Mercy (Mercy) 8/10 love it!
Winner Takes It All (Winner) 8/10, I like a variation of this better (Winner Takes All)
Tears of A Friend (Teardrop) 3/10, not my style

A Shiner Named Sioux (Sioux)
ARC Gunnabeabigstar (Star)
Auspicious Cat (Pic)
Bamacat (Bama)
Bet Hesa Cat (Better)
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