Rate the horse name above you (:

By Retired breeder, 21st July 2014 18:31:21
You all know how this goes but this is with a twist, someone says a horse name (ex. Lucky, Max,Leon) and you rate it out of 10 points and say why.
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Wave riding (Wave) 7/10 not my style
Plastic Furry night (Plasma) 3/10, really dislike the registered name
Blazing hot coco (Blaze) 4/10, dislike registered name
Fiery Bridge Ridge (Fire) 7/10 not my style
Flaring Fire (Flare) 7/10 not my style
Lightning Hope (Lightning or Hope) 8/10
Starry Night Sky (Star) 7/10 not my style
King Dark-Sky (King) 3/10, dislike reg name
Montana light (Montana) 6/10 not my style
Friday 13 (Friday) 3/10, dislike reg name
Wish upon a Star (Wish) 7/10 not my style
Star Wish (Star or wish) 8/10
Hope in the dark will shine (Hope) 3/10, long
Fire in the hole (Hero) 4.10, not my style

A Dash Ta Streak (Streak)
A Shiner Named Sioux (Shiner)
A Streak Of Fling (Fling)
ARC Gunnabeabigstar (Archie)
Bamacat (Bama)
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A Dash Ta Streak (Streak)
9/10 Personally would have named it Dash
A Shiner Named Sioux (Shiner)
8/10 not my style
A Streak Of Fling (Fling)
3/10 not my style
ARC Gunnabeabigstar (Archie)
8/10 Personally named it star
Bamacat (Bama)
5/10 Doesn't make sense?

MC Hickory Star
Dashing bye
Streakin' arrow
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MC Hickory Star 8/10, like the flow
Dashing bye 9/10, like the flow
Streakin' arrow 8/10, like the flow
Ccan'tCmeI'msplotchy 1/10, no idea what it says

BHR Frenchies Socks (Socks)
Boon San (Boon)
Briscosfrenchbullion (Brisco)
Bullseye Bullion (Bull)
Casino Heist (Casino)
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By Retired breeder, 20th November 2019 20:54:49
MC Hickory Star 0/10 i don't understand it
Dashing bye 5/10 did you mean "Dashing By"?
Streakin' arrow 7/10 cool but did you mean "Streaking Arrow?"
Ccan'tCmeI'msplotchy 0/10 ???????

Lilac Night (Lilac)
Midnight Lake (Midnight)
River-dale Clydesdale (River)
Emerald Lake (Emerald)
Darling Silver (Silver)
Humongous Star "Star"
Starlight Meadow "Starlight"
Strike of Blue "Blue"
Whispering Ninja "Ninja"
Old Blue "Blue"
Caramel Charm (Caramel)
Lucky and Charm (Lucky, Charm) (Best for twin horses)
Panic' in the Disco
A Dashing Strike (Dash)
By Retired breeder, 20th November 2019 20:55:20
oh i didn't see your post
BHR Frenchies Socks (Socks) 8 cute!
Boon San (Boon) 5 I'm not quite sure...
Briscosfrenchbullion (Brisco) 8 creative!
Bullseye Bullion (Bull) 7 cool!
Casino Heist (Casino) 9 love it!
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Lilac Night (Lilac) 9 love it! So pretty!
Midnight Lake (Midnight) 8 pretty!
River-dale Clydesdale (River) 7 very artistic!
Emerald Lake (Emerald) 10 love it!
Darling Silver (Silver) 10! Love it!
Humongous Star "Star" another 10!
Starlight Meadow "Starlight"10!
Strike of Blue "Blue" 9!
Whispering Ninja "Ninja" 9!
Old Blue "Blue" 10!
Caramel Charm (Caramel) 8!
Lucky and Charm (Lucky, Charm) (Best for twin horses) 6 cool idea, I just don't care for the names
Panic' in the Disco 9!
A Dashing Strike (Dash) 10!

You have really great names! They are very artistic!

First Spark (spark)
Another in the fire (flame)
Flaming Topaz (pazz)
Sure as sparkle (sparkle)
Before the ashes (ash)
Coal black (black or coal)
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First Spark (spark) 5/10 cute nickname, but not a fan of the full name
Another in the fire (flame) 7/10 not my favorite, but I dont hate it
Flaming Topaz (pazz) full name is cute, don't like the nickname
Sure as sparkle (sparkle) same as first...
Firefoot 4/10 not a fan
Firefly 9/10 its cute
Firewing 3/10 I don't really like the way it sounds
Before the ashes ( ash) 8/10 cute full name and nickname
Coal black 5/10 it just doesn't sound right

Dragonflies and Firelights (Dora)
Miss Andromeda (Missy or Andy)
Diamond Back (Dia)
Unfogging the Future (Misty)
Fortune Teller ( Fortune)
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Dragonflies and Firelights (Dora) 7/10, cute but long
Reefer 7/10
Miss Andromeda (Missy or Andy) 10/10
Diamond Back (Dia) 9/10
Unfogging the Future (Misty) 9/10
Fortune Teller ( Fortune) 9/10

A Firewater Twist RB (Taz)
A Streak Of Fame (Fame)
A Streak Of Rooster (Rooster)
Auspicious Cat (Sus)
Bar Frenchman (Bar)
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By Retired breeder, 24th November 2019 00:57:25
A Firewater Twist RB (Taz) - 8/10 (love the barn name)
A Streak Of Fame (Fame) - 6/10 (interesting but not my favourite barn name)
A Streak Of Rooster (Rooster) - 3/10 (prefer the previous)
Auspicious Cat (Sus) - 7/10 (bold choice - I rather like it)
Bar Frenchman (Bar) - 5/10 (not for me, but does have a ring to it)

Henrietta Hellfire (Blaze)
Dash n' Dizzy (Desperado)
Monochrome Rainbow (Skittles)
Mezzanine (Cloud Nine)
Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmo)
Lotus and Lily (Lily Blue)
Moonlit Sonata (After Eight)
Pink Lemonade (Sherbet Fizz)
Blood Diamond (Crimson Duke)
Ruby Rose (Duchess)
Wrecking Ball (Halcyon)
Henrietta Hellfire (Blaze) 10/10
Dash n' Dizzy (Desperado) 10/10
Monochrome Rainbow (Skittles) 9/10
Mezzanine (Cloud Nine) 8/10
Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmo) 6/10 , love barn name, iffy reg. name for me
Lotus and Lily (Lily Blue) 8/10
Moonlit Sonata (After Eight) 7/10, love reg. name, iffy barn name for me
Pink Lemonade (Sherbet Fizz) 8/10, love reg. name, iffy barn name for me
Blood Diamond (Crimson Duke) 8/10, love reg. name, iffy barn name for me
Ruby Rose (Duchess) 8/10
Wrecking Ball (Halcyon) 7/10, love reg. name, iffy barn name for me

Best Advice (JUdge)
Bet Hesa Cat (Spec)
Blazin Jetolena (Jette)
Blind Sided (Bat)
Blue One Time (Blue)
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1. 5/10
2. 10/10
3. 10/10
4. 3/10
5. 10/10

my names
COPYCAT (really good song default smiley (y))
default smiley (l)
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By Retired breeder, 30th November 2019 00:04:37
Copycat: 8/10 I love the simple but expressive name!
Paolo: 9/10, simple but unique!
Tina: 5/10 it seems too ordinary
Shini: 7/10 perfect for a Shetland!
Elizabeth: 9/10 I love that name!
Ban: 4/10, I don't think it would be a really good name for a horse, maybe a cat.... but it's okay for a horse.

My names:
Retired breeder wrote:

My names:

I'd give them all an 8/10, I think they would be especially cute for a pony!

For a change of pace, here are some of the WORST names I've heard of for horses:
Yo Phat
IC Light
Mountain Dew
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Yo Phat: 0/10 if it's possible
Blu.com: 0/10 What were they thinking?
IC Light: 0/10 Seriously?
Mountain Dew: 0/10 I like the drink, but naming a horse Mountain Dew? No, thanks.

All right... my names!

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Drizzle 8/10
Lucky 7/10
Stardust 9/10
Chloe 9/10
Becka 8/10

Boon Too Suen (Sooner)
Born Ta Be Famous (Fame)
BR Golden Leader (Brody)
Brother Jackson (Jax)
Brother Tuff Wood (Tuff)
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1.) 3/10 Sooner is just a word to me, not a name. I personally wouldn't name anything that.
2.) 5/10 Fame is more unique and namelike but I still consider it just a word.
3.) 8/10 I like Brody more, it is definitely a name I would give. I like the fact it is also a common human name.
4.) 9/10 Jax is a really good mix between an animal and human name. I really like it and plus you don't always hear that name either.
5.) 9/10 Tuff is my favorite. It seems the most suited for an animal, plus it is unique and it doesn't sound too childish being it is not a so called "regular" name.

Leviosa (I love Harry Potter)
Lilith (I also love supernatural)
Crowley (supernatural)
Castiel (supernatural)
Archie (riverdale)
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Leviosa (I love Harry Potter) 9/10, unique
Arizona 8/10, I have a horse on here I call that
Lilith (I also love supernatural) 9/10, unique
Crowley (supernatural) 9/10, unique
Delilah 6/10, personally feel its overused on animals
Montana 10/10, I have a horse on here and in real life nicknamed this
Castiel (supernatural) 9/10, unique
Archie (riverdale) 9/10

Bucks Hancock Dude (Dude)
Call Me Mitch (Mitch)
Cant Kick This Cat (Kix)
Carrizzo (Rizzo)
Cat A Rey (Rey)
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Dude 0/10 Not the best default smiley xd
Mitch 6/10 Uncommon, definitely something I would name my dog
Kix 7/10 Really nice twist to the spelling, ironic with naming a horse Kix
Rizzo 4/10 Don’t like the way it sounds (if i’m pronouncing it right)
Rey 9/10 Loooove that name, also the spelling

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King 9/10, love it!
Shelby 7/10, too common human name to work as an animal name for me

Cats Merada (Merada)
Cats Picasso (Picasso)
Cattalou (Lou)
Catty Hawk (Hawken)
CB Heza Fast Guy (Guy)
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Cats Merada: 8/10 so creative
Cats Picasso: 9/10 a horse would be lucky to have such a name!
Cattalou : 10/10! So unique!
Catty Hawk : 3/10 i dunno, it would be a good name for a bird of some sort
CB Heza Fast Guy: 7/10 good name for a through-bred who wins alot

My names:

(I know thier odd but i like them)
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By Retired breeder, 7th December 2019 09:07:19
Curiosity: 10/10 - I love this name!!!
SeaStar: 7/10 - Not my favourite, but creative.
Sherbet: 7/10 - I can only imagine this on a pony.
Coraline: either an 8 or a 3 out of 10. Part of me loves it, especially for an elegant, dark coloured mare, but part of me hates it - too human.
Hollie: 8/10 - Cute!
Miku: 8/10 - Is this Japanese? It's pretty.
Pally: 5/10 - It just seems incomplete.

My names:
Felicitations (Felice, or choose your own barn name)
Summer's Kiss (Choose your own barn name)
Felicitations: 10/10 very creative! I can see it on a Knabstrupper mare with a blanket
Summer’s kiss: 7/10 Its good for a horse that does well on beaches!
Clove: 7/10 a good name for a nice temperament of riding horse
Ivy: 9/10, perfect for a show jumper!

My names (again)
Wings of winter (WoW)
Winters Solistice (I dunno about the barn name)
(Weird names ;—default smiley ;)
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By Retired breeder, 10th December 2019 07:27:32
Knackersm - 5/10 - Eh
Chitiquo - 6/10 - Spicing it up I see.
Abstract -7/10 - Getting better
Galleon - 7/10 - Sounds nice
Wings of winter (WoW) - 6/10 - Not very original
Winters Solistice (I dunno about the barn name) - 7/10 - I like the Solistice part
Harbour - 7/10 - Decent with a bit of spice
Solo - 6/10 - Decent
Obsession - 6/10 - Mmmmm
Depression - 5/10 - Now it sounds like your just naming your problems.

My Names:

Grunkle Stan
Gimme a 'default smiley (m)' if u kno the reference
Taako 8/10, unique
Mabel 6/10, I feel like its overused in animals
Veniziano 9/10, creative
Audrey 7/10, not my favorite for an animal
Zelda 9/10, creative
Sidon 9/10, creative
Pidge 9/10, creative
Hunk 10/10, unique
Grunkle Stan 9/10, unique
Romano 10/10, unique
Kachann 10/10, unique
Natsume 10/10, unique
Ravio 10/10, unique

CC Running "See"
CD Diamond "Damien"
CD Highlights "Hitter"
Chexmaster "Chex"
Chics Loaded Gun "Chic"
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