Finding a Friend

By Retired breeder, 28th January 2013 13:43:09

If you wish to find a friend.

Please do not post friends requests in other places on forum,
it can end in unpleasant consequences.

Thank you!

default smiley ;)
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please add me to trade!
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Can you add me for the event please!
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If you need friends for events you can add me!
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Hi ! I'm accepting all friend requests for the current event default smiley :)
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Looking for friends for the events to please! default smiley (l)
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Hi I am trading a rare Arab with high ears for a mare!
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i log on and help out in events several times a day, feel free to add me default smiley (l)
Qυєєи σf Sαιgσи
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Looking for friends to help in the events!
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Also looking for friends to help in the events!!default smiley :)
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I also need friends especially for events default smiley (l)
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I will be anyone's friend, as long as they are not mean.
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Looking for friends! I will help in any events that take place. default smiley :)
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Hi yall! I'd love to have more friends so if u feel like it feel free to add me ^^
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Hi friends! I would love some friends to chat and play with!
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Hi! I'm looking for friends for my daily objective!
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I am a returning player and would love to add some people for events and teams or anything else!

Thank you ❤️
White Stag
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My daily objective is that I need to recrive a gift through the item donation, so can someone help me out please? Idk this is the right place for that, or the other one, but I write in both, for safety
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Hey everyone, I need to 'Receive a gift through Item Donation' for one of my daily objectives. If someone could add me as a friend and kindly gift me something basic like an apple, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks default smiley ^)
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I'm looking for a friend that is not mean/bossy and does not mind myou autocorrect
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Hello there! Want to find friends, i'll accept everyone! default smiley (l)
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Risen from retirement after 3 years. Looking for new friends!!
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Used to play a lot years ago but wanted to start fresh!! Looking for friends to add, I'll accept everyone!
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Wanting friends just because and also I want a friend who’s interested in my colt Whiskey. Want a friend who’s interested him because if the person buying him ever sold him I want to have the option of buying him back before anyone else gets him. So ya
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I'm open to friend requests so if you need friends just add me.
default smiley (y)
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I'm always open to new friends! Be warned I like to chat and will send a message thanking you for being my friend! default smiley :-))
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