[Rules] Item and Pass Trafficking, what's that?

HellOw Everyone,

We’ve been receiving several messages regarding the Item and Pass Trafficking rules and some parts of the information being outdated.

This topic is to update and clarify what is and is not allowed when buying and selling on the game.

What is Item or Pass trafficking?

It's simply performing a transaction outside of the available settings and systems offered directly by the game.

If we set a limit there is a reason behind it, trying to get around these limits is a way of cheating and is not allowed. Going around the rules and set limits always leaves you open to being scammed and ineligible to Owlient’s assistance.

Below are some examples of trafficking and is not a definitive list:

↪ You cannot sell passes on the game. Using horse sales or item exchanges as a payment for this type of transaction isn't allowed and considered trafficking.

↪ Selling or buying passes, game items, or horses for real money.

↪ You cannot sell a regular horse in the Direct and Reserved Sales for over 1 500 000 Equus and 2 500 Passes.
↪ Therefore some players will sell a second low value horse for a high price to go around the maximum prices that we’ve set.

↪ Black Market items can be exchanged for other Black Market items or Equus or given to a friend through the Donation feature within set limits.
↪ When you donate or give an item through the gift system, you are doing this freely and you shouldn’t ask for anything in return. Asking for a fee is going around the intended nature of this feature and is not allowed.
↪ Additionally, this includes listing Black Market items as being for sale on your presentations or saying that Black Market items will be accepted in lieu of passes for negotiable horse sales. This is also pass/item trafficking.

↪ Paying or receiving payment for co-management.

↪ Distributing/receiving horses, items, Equus, and/or Passes before quitting/restarting the game, or knowingly taking advantage of such.

In 2018 the Player Held Contest/Giveaway rules were updated, this change included the removal of offering horses and items that could not be sent in the Item Exchanges and Item Donation systems. This is no longer allowed and is considered Item and Pass Trafficking.

Please know that breaking any rules on Howrse, even if it’s the first time, will result in sanctions being applied to your account.
Depending on the severity of the rule(s) being broken, sanctions can include: permanent loss of features in the game and permanent account suspension.

You can also find a line concerning this on the karma page:
Cheating: Asking other users their passwords, organizing scams, breaches of trust, stealing accounts, trafficking with accounts, passes or in-game items.

We hope this will clarify any remaining doubts or questions concerning what you can or cannot do on Howrse and allow you to enjoy your game.

Best Regards,
The Howrse Team

Updated: 31 January 2024
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