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This topic is meant to clarify some of the rules so that everyone can enjoy the game and just have fun. Please keep in mind that the examples given are simply to help us explain.

This is not meant to be a complete list of possible situations, but simply a guideline.

If you are unsure about something, don’t hesitate to reach out to the moderators or write a ticket to ask for more help.


Multi-accounts are:

➞ Players who create more than one account per server.
➞ Accounts which are shared by several players (sharing passwords).

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It is not allowed to create more than one account per player, nor to share your login details with others. This includes accounts shared between team members but also family members or friends logging in on each other’s accounts.

Players who do share their login details with others may see their account stolen. If you share your password, you do this at your own risk! You are entirely responsible for actions made on your account by other users.

If you wish to help your friend or family member when they are not able to play, make use of the co-management feature.

Trade rules

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  • ☆ Selling/buying passes or game items/horses for real money is not allowed.

  • ☆ Any trade outside of the available functions on the game will be considered suspect. This includes the so-called “bulk sales” (Example: 10 horses for the price of 7), the sale of black-market items outside of the item trade options, paying co-managers or team members for their game etc...

  • ☆ Spamming other players to promote your own sales or to ask for items/horses is generally not appreciated.

  • ☆Selling an account to someone else for real money or game currency is not allowed

Note that if you decide to participate in a private agreement with another player, it is at your own risk (Example: I’ll sell you my horse if you sell yours to me).

Our team will not interfere if the other player does not keep their promises.

Trafficking clarification thread is here to learn more about what is considered trafficking.

Bugs & back doors in the game

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Temporary issues and bugs in the game can allow a few players to gain unfair advantages against the rest of the Howrse community. While these issues have a diverse array of repercussions, they usually affect Howrse’s players, gameplay and economy in a big way.

Knowingly using such issues for your own advantage is considered cheating and is not allowed on the game. Each case will be carefully considered and players who clearly abused the situation may receive a sanction.

Sanctions will vary depending on the situation and may range from karma loss to a temporary suspension. In extreme cases, accounts may be removed for this kind of behavior.

If you notice that a part of the game is not working as it should, please contact our customer support team and try to avoid using any items, currency or various advantages you might have gained from it.

Presentations, avatars, messages, names etc...

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Our communities contain a lot of very different players, treat them the way you would want to be treated yourself.

  • - Any discrimination or abuse towards other players will not be tolerated.

  • - Be honest when you agree to something and avoid controversial topics in your presentation or messages.

  • - If someone is offensive to you or you believe they may not be honest in the game, report it to the moderators using the available options in the game.

  • - Don’t allow others to drag you into an argument on the forum or the private messages, simply report the abusive message and let the moderators handle the rest.

  • - You’re responsible for the content that you share on Howrse, please ensure that it always respects the terms of use that you agreed to upon creating your account.

  • - If you have doubts regarding any of the situations mentioned above, feel free to send us a ticket via our customer support or to contact our moderation team.

Personal information and account safety

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The game team and the moderators will never ask you for personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses (except for in specific situations only and discussed through our customer support system), etc... We will also never ask you for your password!

If another player asks you for personal information, it is your own decision whether you give them this information or not. Sharing your personal information may give the other player the opportunity to contact you outside of the game or breach your account’s security.

Remember and do not hesitate to share with your friends that:

  • It is never allowed to ask someone else for their password

  • No one can force you to give your personal information

It is your responsibility to choose a secure password. We strongly advise you to avoid using a password that can be easily guessed by others (e.g.: 123456, dog’s name, favorite artist etc....).

If someone asks you for your password or tries to force you into giving them information about yourself (Example: asking for your mobile number as a requirement to become a member of a team), report this via the abusive messages option.

Once again, please remember that the game team and the moderators will never ask you for your password — even to help you with issues in the game.

If you have questions about account safety, take a look at our dedicated topic.

Automation of game-play

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Using software to create accounts or play automatically is strictly forbidden on Howrse. Engaging in such practices can result in heavy sanctions.

As for tabbing, add-ons and gaming mouses they are not forbidden per se, but should you ever decide to use these methods, do be careful and stay within reason. If your account seems to be overdoing it, we might consider that you have an unfair advantage over other players, and this could lead to warnings and sanctions.

Players may also be impacted as future game changes won't necessarily cope with this industrial way of taking care of horses.

We strongly recommend you follow these rules to make sure you have a great experience on the game, to avoid losing karma and to protect your account: all your special horses and the great job you did in breeding and personalizing them

Warm Regards,

The Howrse team

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