(l)_v1828806360.pngRIP my dear friend liri mak, you were the kindest, generous and most helpful friend, you cheered me up when I felt down and put up with my whining when I hurt.  You worked tirelessly to help me get Arion, you did my AP/pass farm when I could not.  You will never be forgotten my dear friend you were taken from us all far too soon. (l)_v1828806360.png

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(l)_v1828806360.pngWhen working your Divines and skillers, I would be grateful if you remembered my EC comps! :)  Thanks in advance!!

(l)_v1828806360.pngI am usually looking for elite Skiller foals to run GP!  (I will pay for premium skillers!) 

(l)_v1828806360.pngI am ALWAYS happy to add people to my friends list!  Fire me off a request! 

(l)_v1828806360.pngPAST GAME(l)_v1828806360.png

If you look on my Special/ LongGoneFriends tab - my breeding partners affixes/or horses are there.

(l)_v1828806360.pngI joined Howrse in 2007 when it was young and new.  My first horse was a Canadian and I decided then I was going to breed them.  I learned to Blup and blup quickly I always used WoY, timer and MA to train AND tears and a wand to breed... Not sure where I found the money for passes... but there you have it.   
(l)_v1828806360.pngI then moved on to Standardbreds and was fixing to pass panic1 and cvsisto in their quest for the first Green Star Standardbred.  We teamed up and at the end of the day we got him - I bred him and he is still in my possession under Special/ 1st Standardbred GS tab.   My breeding partners decided to leave the game shortly after.
(l)_v1828806360.pngThen the Unicorns came out - the very first ones in the game!  I got on THAT bandwagon pretty quickly and did quite well.  I teamed up with Anavygirlinga - we bred Paints and I continued with whatever Uni's I could find.   We both worked midnights so we were able to hit both breeding times.  (back in the day they were at 0240 and 1440 or something similar.)  There was no Hestia's touch or any bonus to increase chances or option to change the time.  Paragon. now has all the breeding stock we produced at the time.  Check out her page to see them!  Anavygirlinga left the game a few months later and I lost interest.
(l)_v1828806360.pngI left the game for an extended period after that.  I hopped back in after 5 years or so but I didn't stay. 
(l)_v1828806360.pngEpic Madness - a small team comprising of youdontsay and myself originally.   I didn't stay very long in the game at that point and took another hiatus. 

(l)_v1828806360.pngPRESENT GAME(l)_v1828806360.png

(l)_v1828806360.pngToday I am back.  I had planned to sell off all my stock and *shut down the account* but not delete it!   After selling off most of my old and tired pixel horses, I started to get excited about starting a fresh game.   SO here I am.  New game.

(l)_v1828806360.pngI have a few
wee projects to occupy my time.  I have also acquired several draft horses and donkeys so I will play with them as the mood strikes. 
(l)_v1828806360.pngI have also created t
wo little teams, they are private teams for me to breed horses for my coats trophy.   I will delete them and create new ones for the next breeds I will work on.  I breed reasonably good GP and will have blupped the mares and stallions for this project.  Any extra coats will either find their way into my AP/Pass farm or will become fillers OR will be put in the sales.
I have finally started seeing a benefit in having a few divines so you will see I have a tab under *special* specifically for them.  I am looking for a Balios for my divine farm.  I realize they can be quite pricey but if someone is looking for a few quick passes I may be able to make a deal!

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