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Boarders Needed!! 
breezelover2192016-12-04 22:06
20 E a night EC reservations w/all food options! 
tula022016-12-04 22:00
3* boxes available 
horse121230102016-12-04 19:57
Looking for 9000+ skilled boarders. 
Narnia.0142016-12-04 19:54
Looking for 7000+ skilled boarderslocked thread 
Narnia.252842016-12-04 19:50
Open boxes in 64% prestige center, 20e/night 
2puppydawg12712016-12-04 18:39
We are waiting for you.. 
barbie_sofi1382016-12-04 17:31
60e missions|20e/night|all amenities| 
athenalove19892016-12-04 16:19
Boarders Needed!!!!! 
Emmy1080112016-12-04 16:09
59e Missions - Looking for 9000+ Skills 
PhantomHooves0102016-12-04 15:51
3 long term boxes needed! 20/e please! 
benjiakki3322016-12-04 15:14
Boxes avail/for your divine 
FAISAM1182016-12-04 12:22
Boxes Needed Quickly! 
skirby0152016-12-04 08:54
Boarders needed! 30 equus per night 
Shelby49002092016-12-04 06:47
Gethsemane ۝ Gardens EC - looking for boarders 
prawn1142016-12-04 05:54
my divines all need stalls 
Horse Fan91072016-12-04 02:35
Looking for skillers 
AliceNWonder0122016-12-03 22:59
Fifteen Eleven Equestrian: looking for boarders! 
Nemo Cat2252016-12-03 21:51
Need Boarders! 
k_palmm0102016-12-03 21:46
Need AP Farmer Boxes 
LittleBird2402016-12-03 20:59
11 3*** boxes available 
Lozz3372016-12-03 19:36
20 available boxes 
oliviadeleo30062016-12-03 18:24
top 60 center needs champions... 
DJ16712016-12-03 17:57
10 boxes available 
lkeilty2022072016-12-03 16:28
❖ 13 Aναιℓαвℓє Ɓσχєѕ ❖ 
Elar2132016-12-03 16:26
Equestrian Center Open 
hersheylover1102016-12-03 15:46
5 Boxes Waiting For You! 
HexaGirl1234062016-12-03 10:59
Divines & Skillers needing boarding 
Barrelracer12340202016-12-03 08:53
First Order Boarding 
justjules092016-12-03 02:02
Empy Boxes 
HorseLover4life200102016-12-03 01:44
[Censored message]locked thread 
dressagegirl1482016-12-03 01:22
Looking for a place to stay? Look no further! 
Arabreiner980122016-12-02 23:02
Empty Boxes 
webkinzjam0122016-12-02 22:33
Riverbed Boarding 
boss3330172016-12-02 21:43
Open Boxes 2 & 3* all goodies Forest location 
Bast082016-12-02 21:17
Looking for boxes 
MollyAnne2322016-12-02 19:46
New EC 
liis1222016-12-02 16:00
looking for boarders! 
larrymcfly1222016-12-02 15:58
Hey please read (13 boxes avaible) 
acousticottb1202016-12-02 14:35
20e boxes available 
jum.ping2202016-12-02 13:37
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