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TopicAuthorAnswersSeenLast message
60e boxes available at 93% prestige EC 
alleyhorse192017-01-20 18:06
Center for 10k plus skiller 
MerrylegsJ1152017-01-20 18:02
Woohoo, Open Boxes 
StarLegacy072017-01-20 16:47
Looking for Divines/Skillers 
Kola0112017-01-20 16:28
60e Boxes Available! 
Midnight1871162017-01-20 16:25
High skillers needed! 
Leatta0102017-01-20 15:23
59e Lessons, +26 Skills! 200+ Boxes Open Daily! 
lalaweki19992017-01-20 13:42
Looking for a permanent Center to board a horse inlocked thread 
dressagegirl5532017-01-20 01:12
my equestrian centerlocked thread 
Suspect331172017-01-20 00:45
Open Boxes 
wildheart134312017-01-20 00:10
Open boxes in 66% prestige center, 20e per night 
2puppydawg251712017-01-19 16:59
[20 a day/60 mission/Looking for Divines/Skillers] 
Narnia.4482017-01-19 14:46
9800+ Skills Needed! 
Fox Valley Farm1212017-01-19 13:25
4 open boxeslocked thread 
buns1232222017-01-19 05:06
60e box needed - Low Skilled Mare 
172340861312017-01-19 01:26
60 AP Farm boxes Needed 
Framing Hanley0162017-01-19 01:14
19 Open boxes. 20+ Skill bonus. 2750 min skilllocked thread 
Howrses4me1122017-01-19 01:09
Need borders 
FoxiBunnii656082017-01-19 00:09
Looking for AP Farm Boxes 
LittleBird101382017-01-19 00:07
23 boxes needed for AP horses 
Ozzie941172017-01-18 23:10
Boarding Available 
Shisui082017-01-18 21:11
Looking for Boarders with 7000+ skills! 
BallerinaElephant0122017-01-18 21:02
66% prestige with 39e lessons +14 skills 
lakotamullins8552017-01-18 20:34
93% prestige EC boxes for foals 
alleyhorse0142017-01-18 17:58
[Censored message]locked thread 
jewels farm2442017-01-18 16:48
Open Boxes for 9800+ skills!locked thread 
Fox Valley Farm6882017-01-18 15:29
60e Lessons|+40 Bonus|Divine/Legendary *Only* 
~Silverwood~111372017-01-18 11:55
59e Lessons, boosters needed! 
jennosaur354482017-01-18 05:06
120 boxes open, returning from hiatus 
jojo148170112017-01-18 00:45
Need 12 Boarders 
lhand19980142017-01-17 23:34
iso top quality English ecs 
Rising Hill0122017-01-17 22:06
Good Mountain and Forest EC 
16eventer4242017-01-17 21:55
Need boxes urgently 
dressagegirl2402017-01-17 13:44
Divines Need A Box 
brizzo1362017-01-17 04:42
3* Boxes @ Whidensayden EC 
Equitana2182017-01-17 03:30
Boxes Avail!! 
pucklove4542017-01-17 01:07
New equine center looking for boarders 
Rosegirl163332017-01-17 01:04
Need boarders 
Vi Är Vilda4422017-01-17 01:01
8 boxes 
puddleduck2432017-01-17 00:59
Question about advantages 
CuteLittlePixie121242017-01-16 23:24
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