Breed: AncestralAge: 397 years
Species: AncestralHeight: 4.3 hands
Gender: maleWeight: 323.4 pounds
Coat: Ancestral Date of Birth: 2019-09-27
Producer: SaddlebredGlitz

He'll join your breeding farm once you've sent a horse aged 25 or more to heaven.

Yggdrasil is a special horse that ages every time you send a horse aged 25 or more to heaven.

As he gets older, his appearance changes! After the very first change of appearance, a photo album becomes available so you can look at the horse's previous looks.

Every time he changes his appearance, a gift appears in your profile page.

When he reaches his last transformation, you can rejuvenate him to the age of a few hours.

This horse cannot be sold.

See a list of everyone who owns Yggdrasil

1A few hours-
2250 years1 x orchideenoire
31000 years20 x vieillissement
42500 years1 x corneabondance
55000 years1 x talonachille
69000 years1 x pommeor
715000 years50 x pass
824000 years1 x sablierchronos
940000 years200,000 argent
1065000 years1 x brasmorphee
11100000 years1 x 5thelementplus
12150000 years1 x hermeswand

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