Hi And Welcome To Shilow Farm

I breed purebred High Stared Friesians. 

I strive for the best and I make sure that is what you get.

I also Train Foal.


About Me

I am a adult player on the game. I have had horses in the past. At one point i had 4. 2 paints, a pintaloosa and a QH.

I love to get emails so feel free to send me one any time.

I will also except any and all friend requests

The first horse that i had was the QH named Dakota or Cody Blazing Sun. He was a gaming horse that i turned into a western pleasure horse. He ended up being able to do both and was really good at it. I got him when he was 10 and ended up traiding him for 1 of the paints.

The second horse was a paint named CR Little Doc Haliday he was 6mon old when i got him.  I never got to ride him as i had to sell him.

The third horse was the pintaloosa named Gypsy. She was very scared when i got her. I tought her alot and you were about to get on her and ride some before she was sold.

And the last one that i got was the trade for the QH. Her name was Navajo. She was used as a kids horse and didnt know alot. When you were on her she didnt listen to you she went were she wanted to go.


Black Market Items Needed                                       Please do not ask about RC coats unless 

NYX Pack                                                                     they are in the for sale tab as I am not

Hera Pack                                                                            planning on selling them.

Any breeding item                                                                             Thanks 

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