“Is that enough? This kind of stuff doesn’t come easily to me. I don’t like talking about my feelings, and it’s hard for me to tell people they’re important to me, sometimes until it’s too late. Then I can only whisper into the great beyond, hoping they can somehow hear me through aching dark, saying: I miss you. I cared about you. You mattered.”
- -Ann Aguirre
I am an adult player who has an unhealthy addiction to fictional characters. I currently live in an underground bunker/cave, in the queendom of Denial, in the country of Procrastination, where I have internets and anything else I could possibly want. My lair is guarded by dragons and other fanciful creatures who have orders to eat any trespassers. I make graphics/layouts please see EC forum or Website for details!
Only horses under Utilities>Sales are for sale. My minimum price for "normal" horses is 4500e though this may change depending on coat and stars. If I reserve a sale for you I expect the horse picked up within 7 days. Any ridiculous offers will be ignored..
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