Coyote Creek Ranch

"where the grass is green and the streams run crystal clear"

I do use auto comp, if for some reason you get "stomped" out by me please send a  message and I'll try to fill for you. It's nothing personal autocomp  simply cuts time so I use it. 
Please pm me if you would like a stall reserved. Currently we are at 59e lessons. 

Team Info
Appaloosa team is curently recruiting, please pm for info! 

Not For Sale
any golden Apples and Retired Golden Apples.. I'm attached to my pixel ponies and those won't be going anywhere. 




Misc Info


Nyx Packs
Hera Packs
Please pm me if you are interested in trading. 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png
Big thank you to everyone that has
visited my page recently! 
Helpful Links Below!
Please click on my Frost up above to defrost her! 
Xanthos 1, Xanthos 2, Xanthos 3,
Xanthos 4, Xanthos 5
Topaz 1, Topaz 2, Topaz 3, Topaz 4, Topaz 5 
Safe Haven
Creation Space


High gp Appaloosas for sale! Skillers & skiller preps, foals & fully blupped  
Please pm for info! 

give an apple to my favorite DA! 
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