About Me

I'm an adult player from Hungary.According to my friends' opinion, I'm a kind person and I love to help people when I can.I've studied English for 12 years,but my grammar is still far from perfect,so sorry if I make mistakes.

I love horses since my childhood, but unfortunately I don't own a horse,but sometimes I gan go riding. I put all my love and admiration for horses into my drawings.I'm an amateur "hobby-artist",I love drawing by hand and painting digitally, although I've never studied art and drawing techniques. I have an account on Deviant Art.

As I said, I love to help if I can.You can find helpful topics about the game in the forum of my Equestrian Center,and if you have any questions about training, drawing (the Black Pearl) or anything else, feel free to ask me.I will try to reply as soon as I can.

I used to accept random friend requests,but then my friends list quickly became uncontrolled,so only my old and close friends,breeding partners and ex breeding partners are on my list now.I don't accept random friend requests any more,I'm sorry! Thanks for understanding!

Both the horse and the landscape on the header of my presentation are my own digital paintings, do not use/copy/repost them!Please respect the work I invested in them!Thanks!

Have a nice day and Happy Howrsing!50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png?hgfd47a0wp


About my game

I've been playing on Howrse for 7 years.During that time,I learned almost everything about successful and quick training.I skilled hundreds of elite horses for myself and for lots of other players.I used to train horses for more elite teams (such as Excelsis Deo),and I used to be the Co-Founder of the old "Team Supreme".Thank you for all my dear friends,who supported me. These days I don't spend too much time here because of being busy working as a 'green' on the Hungarian version of Howrse.


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 Kedves Magyar játékosok!Örülök,hogy a magyar Howrse-on szerzett játéktapasztalataitoknak köszönhetően sokan kedvet kaptatok, hogy a nemzetközi Howrse verziót is kipróbáljátok!Köszönöm,hogy engem választottatok Szponzorotoknak!Kérlek, vegyétek figyelembe,hogy ezen az oldalon nem dolgozok moderátorként.Ha kérdéseitek vannak a játékkal kapcsolatban,szívesen segítek,de a problémákkal az itteni moderátor csapathoz forduljatok bizalommal (de csakis angol nyelven írjatok nekik)!Köszönöm a megértést!
/Translation: Dear Hungarian players!I'm glad that thanks to your game experiences on the Hungarian Howrse,many of you felt like trying the International version of Howrse too!Thank you for choosing me to be your Sponsor!Please take into consideration that I am not working as a moderator on this site.Naturally,if you have questions about the game,I help you with pleasure,but with your problems,please turn to the local moderator team with confidence (but write to them in English only)!Thanks for understanding!/
Jó játékot itt is!/Happy Howrsing here too!