About Me

Name: HorseGirlb
Age: 25
Country: United States of America
Avatar: Symbol of Atheism

Education: Bachelor of Animal Management, Bachelor of Music Education


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-To be in the top 100 on Howrse!
-To collect as many trophies as possible.

Private Messages: I always welcome private messages, no matter what they say, no matter who they're from. Whether you're just bored, you have a serious question or even if you want to critique something about my page or something I've said/posted somewhere. Please! Do not hesitate to chat :)


Interests and Hobbies

Belly Dance
I have no memory of dancing. Not at parties, not in my car, not alone in my room or the shower. I have always felt that I move around the world in awkward, clumsy movements that serve only practical function. However, who doesn't love to watch professional dancers display their skillful control over their bodies? Their movements not only serve purpose, but exceed it to the point of artistry. I am a musician. I want to be able to express music, not only audibly, but visually as well. I have learned that some additional benefits include weight loss and enhanced musicianship in my instrumental performances.


I am often asked why I chose this style of dance. Some people believe it to be provocative or overtly sexualized. There are many reasons, and the desire to appear beautiful falls to a low priority. My number one reason, unfortunately, is difficult to understand. I love my body, and I was attracted to a dance that celebrates the body without shame. I do not love my body for its visual or sexual attraction. I love my body for the same reason you love your dog, or your child. It is mine. It belongs to me; is part of my family. It has been with me through everything, and we have made it here together. Sometimes its flaws annoy me, sometimes I am amazed by its mere existence. This is an outlook on the body that is not often encouraged or seen in young American women, though I find it to be a healthy one.

Which brings me to another reason I like this style: I feel I can relate to some of the more masculine selections, as well as feminine. It is fiercely intimidating to dance wearing a blindfold and balancing a sword on your head as in the image above. Another aspect that I find relatable is the purely tribal and human qualities that take us back in time to its origins in the Middle East. I cannot wait to learn the history of this culture in my classes along with new moves.



Firstly, I will say that I do not believe mermaids exist in reality. However, it is one of my all-time favorite fantasy creatures. What would I give to swim beneath the surface without the need for air. What would I pay to see clearly without the use of goggles or a mask. To have power, beauty, speed, grace, agility and serenity all rolled into one feminine being is a goal I believe every woman should have. As a child, my parents would literally have to drag me, kicking and screaming, out of the water. As an adult, I have legitimate goals related to my love of the water. These include learning to scuba dive, owning my own swimming pool, and saving up for my own custom-fit mermaid tail. If you have never swum with the aid of a mono fin, you are sorely missing out.

Ornamental Aquatics

It makes sense that I would adore my pet fish, doesn't it? I aspire to be a true aquarist, with as many large tanks as I want full of beautiful salt water fish. I love to create an ecosystem as naturally as I can. Right now I have a 5 gallon betta tank equipped with a heater, filter, aerator, and light. There are live plants and freshwater dwarf shrimp as well, which I am learning to care for alongside my fish. I have a forum topic about bettas where I send out news letters to anyone interested - let me know and I'll put your name on the list. I invite anyone to PM me with questions or concerns about their betta, especially if you'd like to improve its quality of life.