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Let me tell you a story, about a girl who gamed. She gamed and gamed and played all sorts of games. But one day she started playing this particular game. You know what that's it, she's still playing this game.

I love horses more then anything and I have 9 of my own, two off which are foals. Here is a bit about them:

Zeus was my first horse, he is a 12 year old bay stock horse gelding. Zeus has arthritis so he is now my mums trail riding horse.

Snickers was my second horse, he is a 9 year old chestnut leopard appaloosa gelding. Snickers is a retired state western pleasure champion and he was my riding horse untill my dad decided he wanted to ride aswell.

Achillies is my third horse and my main boy :) I got achillies as a yearling from the same place I got snickers. The moment I saw him I had to have him and his been my main boy ever since. Achillies is 4 years old now and and I couldn't ask for a better horse, he has done everything from dressage to campdrafting. Achillies is a few spot appaloosa gelding, his almost all white with a silver mane.

Helios is my forth horse. Helios was givin to me when he was 10 months old because he was an orphan and his owners didn't think he would ever be worth anythink. Unfortunately he had a serious accident shortly after we got him, he ripped his side open and punctured a lunge. We came very close to losing him, against all odds though he made a full recovery. To this day he still has a scar but it doesn't bother him in the slightest and I broke him in a year ago. Helios is now 3 years old and is a chestnut QH x Stock horse gelding.

Eragon is my fifth horse, he is my future stud lol. Eragon is a 2 year old grullo dun paint colt. He is going to be my next competition horse and at after that he will be put to stud. Eragon will be sent to the breakers in the next few weeks.

Arya is my sixth horse. She is my paint brood mare, she is a 6 year old smoky black and white tobiano. Arya currently has a paint filly at foot named Ariel. Arya is unbroken but has the most amazing temperament i'v ever found in a horse, she had never been floated when I got her but she walked straight on with no fear. She is an unbelievably sensible horse and she has passed her amazing temperament on to her foal.

Ariel is my seventh horse. She is a 3 month old paint filly, she is mostly white with a black medicine hat and a black patch on her left side. She also has what I like to call a moustache lol and her left eye is ice blue and her right eye is dark blue. She is only 3 months old but she is already full of charater and loves cuddles :)

Taffy is my eighth horse. Taffy was given to me and my friend because her owner couldn't afford to keep her. She is a 10 year old taffy coloured haflinger pony. My friend and I take turns owning her, I get her for one breeding season and my friend gets her the next and so on and so forth. Taffy is currently with me and has a month old foal at foot named Spyro.

Spyro is my ninth horse. He is a 1 month old buckskin colt, spyro is a brilliant little foal and loves attention, especially when our neighbours kids come over to groom him.

Now here is a list of things I hate: Hmmmmm nothing i'v drawn a blank, life's to short to hate.

Dear future husband, here 's a few thing you need to know if you wanna be, my one and only all my life!

Now brace yourself here's a list of things I LOVE! And I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER EVER did I say NEVER be too old for :)

The singers I love listening to are : Meghan Trainor of course :) Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Billie Piper, Pink, Jessica Mauboy, Kesha, Pitbull, Vanessa Amorosi, Cher, Alexandra Stan, Aqua, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears, Dami Im, Eminem and the DISNEY sound tracks. 

The movie's I love watching are: Updating

The TV series I love watching are: Updating

The Books I love reading are: Updating

My Game


My Friends

I am currently part of the paint unicorn team kaleidoscope, who are an awesome group of people.

The current sales cap for our team is 2050 GP. I will not be selling anything over that.

I am also starting to breed Appoloosa unicorns, but at the moment it is just for my own amusement :)


1. Own all the rainbow divines.

2. Get 1000 congratulations.

3. Own 50 GA coats. 

4. Unknown 

5. Unknown 

I'm always happy to make new friends so add away :)

Don't forget to congratulate me and if you do I will do the same for you. the 1000th person to congratulate me will get a surprise.

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