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Quarter Horse!

We have had the privilege of being affiliated with some of the greatest teams on Howrse...  Platinum Quarters, Florida Palms, and International QH.       
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♠JBarJ♠™ Brumbies

is proud to present the first Green Star Brumby to Howrse! And now, we have just bred the first 2 GStar Brumby on Howrse!


  Shiny'2'Star  ♠JBarJ♠™

~ ♠JBarJ♠™ is hosting Xanthros links for your clicking pleasure! ~

Check further down the page!

               Proud Owner of a Xanthros!

Stop in and visit!
 This Xanthros may just send you a gift! 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png

I have a Hestia's Gift that I am willing to sell for 150,000e. 

Please PM with serious offers.


Sleipnirs !

We are currently looking to purchase your Sleipnir for 200,000 and 10 passes.  Should you have another price in mind, please inquire.  Maybe we can strike a deal!  I have several valuable BM items, such as a Hermed Wing Staff that we can bargain with also!

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Xanthros Galore!

Please click away!  One step closer to a Horn of Plenty!

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