I AM NOT INTERESTED IN HORSE TRADES. Is that really so hard to understand? THANK YOU.

I do not trade for horses! If I do not answer your PM regarding a sales negotiation it is probably because you have made an offer that is beyond ridiculous, for example if I'm selling a skill horse for 200k and 20 passes do not offer me your entire herd of pink polka dot unicorns....I don't want them...if they are so valuable sell them for passes and then we'll talk. Bear in mind that a pass is roughly equal to 100,000e so keep that in mind when you make offers with no passes.....



 Price is 8 passes They are sold gelded at1.6yrs. Please have a 60e EC organized for your order. Great skillers for Barrel comps! Mustangs have been rocking the top!

-We tear breed on Wednesdays and Thursdays
 ALL skillers are to be ordered *no* later than Wednesday before the Friday Prix. Any late orders will be pushed to the next week to be filled