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Why yes, I am sitting backwards on my horse in my avatar picture...Why? Because we are awesome.

IMG_8325x_zpsda013a31.jpg This is my boy Lunar Eclipse. 4 1/2 year old Kiger-bred mustang.MVI_8094_zpsc8bdadc9.jpg


Alright everyone, I'm SaddleeGirlee, I'm a girl in my early 20's and that about all about that :) I love horses and animals and just loving looking at peoples pages and seeing their beautiful animal loves so I thought I would also share with you some of mine!! I hope everyone is having a great day and feel free to mesage me, I love to chit chat! I also love music and some of my photography from concerts is here...(I also already have my Warped Tour 2013 ticket!!)

I love barrel racing but curerntly ride english (I am awful!! haha, but some riding is better than none!!) I ride a fantastic eventer named Booneomatic and hes a total doll face!! My gosh hes such a fantastic horse and sure has taught me a lot about english and has pretty much been the one teach ME instead of the other way around :)


12 year old TB I exercise...Love this boy to death<3 :)

  IMG_3498_zpsdaf37a6b.jpg IMG_3286LLL_zps9a3a9b0f.jpg 


in order they are: Jayy Von Monroe from Blood On The Dance Floor, Sky White from Foxy Shazam, Dhavie Vanity from Blood On The Dance Floor and I at Warped Tour :). and Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low.


 IMG_4041OO_zpsde89d2e2.jpg IMG_3637_zpsaf80c3de.jpgIMG_4306_zps7323c614.jpg IMG_4199M_zps33b30bb9.jpg

These precious little girls are my and my boyfriends cats Eevee and Pikachu...I may be extremely biases but these are the two sweetest and most amazing cats you will ever see :)

IMG_6950_zpsb614d349.jpg MVI_5062_zpsda39c13b.jpg

These are two pieces of my art. They are Jon Bon Jovi and Marilyn Manson. I have yet to finish the Bon Jovi one but the Marilyn Manson one is done (and I got and A ;) anywhoo, for those of you fellow artists, the Bon Jovi drawing is Charcoal (main reason it's not done, I'm awful with Charcoal!! haha) and the Marilyn Manson drawing is done in graphite! I also hope to be getting underway with the Jayy Von Monroe picture I took at Warped Tour up younder ^^^...since it is my own photography, I can actaully sell the art, as for the other two pictures I have drawn here, I am bound by copyright laws and by such, instead of selling them, the Manson picture hangs in my house and the Bon Jovi one will as keep your eyes out in the next few months...I will be selling the finished Jayy Von Monroe piece :)

418526_251194221632781_882321717_n_zps9dc49bbb.jpg 430007_260338810718322_281367576_n_zps2462ef39.jpg 545056_263384270413776_440370463_n_zpscc4147d1.jpg

under construction :P

*Every picture on here is my own, personal photography [unless otherwise noted] , I put them on here because, being fellow horse lovers, I thought you would enjoy them. This does not mean that you can steal them. I will report any pictures stolen from my page. Thank You for understanding.

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