I'm currently taking a break from howrse due to personal circumstances, I apologise if I don't reply to your PMs, I will try to be back soon!
I am looking for HoPs so PM me if you are looking to sell 50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png
I am selling Hestia's Gifts for 200 passes each, PM me if interested 31/8/19 - 4 currently in stock 
I'm at vet school in the UK but I try to get on daily but it is fairly intense so I don't play as much as I used to.                              My hobbies include looking after my ever increasing animal population,scuba diving, underwater photography and flying birds of prey.
My aim is to have a horse of every breed in every colour without an affix, fully trained and bolded, I started in about 2012... we're getting there slowly!           I breed unicorns non competitively but I have a couple of good studs at the moment. I am aiming for 2 of each breed (winged and non winged) with my affix and a special coat
I am happy to negociate on horses but non sensible requests will be ignored, I don't mind pass/equus conversion or a bit off the asking price.             I accept random friend requests and will help in promos. 

My EC used to run at 60e but now I no longer have the time to maintain that with vet school so it is mainly for my horses in training.