I am a proud member of Dæmon Slayers. The Company of Fairplay, is our affix.
We do not use scripting in blupping of our horses, All horses are done the old fashion way, with hard work. If you are wanting a skill horse please message Petsrok.

I was a long time member of Excelsis Deo who brought the best competition Thoroughbreds in the game for a lot of years.

Please do not send me a pm about trading or selling a above sales TB. It will not happen.
Please do not ask me to send a cover to your mare, from a above sales level horse.

Please do not ask about my exchanges, and try to haggle me down, i list them in the exchanges, that is what i want in return.  Period!

Please pm me if you have any questions about the game, if i know i will be happy to explain, if i do not know i will let you know i do not know.