I now have a ToxiK Photobucket add me to your friends I dont mind, I am buying BM items but only certain ones. Let me know what you have and how much you want. I will buy element metal for a good price. I will buy any horse for 500e. Dont send to Safe Haven send to me. Just reserve it for me for 500e!Photobucket


DO NOT ASK TO BUY MY ACCOUNT - IT IS NOT FOR SALE - LIFE IS A COMPETITION GET BUSY LIVING I got to 7th place on this game in 2008 but it became so nasty l stopped playing for a few years. There are some real miserable people on here. Lighten up its a game. My horse Ghostbuster got in the top 10 horses (check out my forum for details). Found some great old screenshots, I also have some old Retired GA Coated Howrses. I do not buy my way into the rankings I play the game. Any fool can buy their way but not many can play the game. I am currently producing ToxiK Sausages which are ranking in the top 10 donkeys. 



Smile and wave we miss the fun we used to have. Banning members is all well and good but the members that marketed Howrse so well are all gone



< My pet hates are mini mods. Those that spend their time in the Game Play forum telling people off like "this does not belong here". Too much time on your hands! Get playing and stop whining.



Beware people lie on this game and pretend they are people who they arent. They even change their names and put fake pictures of themselves on their pages. Trust nobody but yourself. Mistakes are often made unintentionally, its easy to make them on this game, it also takes time to learn how to play. Take your time, make mistakes, its all part of learning, and if your really stuck you could always google CraXoR and check out his Cluwb or get a copy of:-