Hello and welcome to my not really fancy page! 

I am so glad that you stopped by and I hope that you will take a look around.  If you leave a congrats, I will likely get to it, but I do tend to get distracted from time to time and might miss them. 

I breed horses that are great for just adding to your barn for Aging Points and for doing missions with as well as the objectives. 

I also breed real life crossbreeds like Warlanders and other types of recognized crossbreeds.  They are alright, I guess, and are performing decently.  The affixes Rising Warlanders, Rising Vanisians, Turbo Friesians, Rising Buydonny, Rising Appy Sporthorses, and Rising Nez Perce are all for my real life crosses. 

Other affixes include: Rising Stars**, Darling Stars**, Kernos Horns, Rising Sport Horses, Rising Stars Stock, Long Eared Wonders, Trotting Stars **, Crossed Stars **, Devilish Dreams, Mission:Objective, and Aisling's Visions. Each one is a different type of breed or crosses of breed. 

I also am struggling to breed Brumbies and Brumby Unicorns. 

That is about all with my game.  I am really subpar as I do this casually and as a way to relax my mind so my GP is not up to the highest in the game.  

A Little About Me: 
I am an adult player
I accept Friend Requests
I will talk to those over 16 years of age, just be mindful that I am an adult
I own a real horse and adore horses
I own about 5 thousand plastic horses
I own and run the most informative fan group for BreyerFest on the internet today
I am a stay at home mom
I love to talk

Sales Policy Blurb:  My prices are set at the lowest that is on the market already.  I will not lower my prices at all.  I typically do not place horses for pass sale, but if I do, I will not change it to equus until I see that it is not going to sell.  I typically do not sell my donkeys or my drafts, but I have been known to thin the herd. The immortal horses are typically not for sale. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you have a great day!