I do buy any unwanted horse or foal for 3000e only. Any age or shape or condition.

Just place them in the private sales and I'll get to themshortly . Thanks! 




I will not answer any questions about my  money and all questions asking for my money Will BE REPORTED. Do Not Ask  None of my Divines or specials are for sale
any mail asking for them will be deleted. All horse sales are FINAL. I'm sorry but if ya had a horse up for sale then ya must have wanted to sell it at one time.  When I put a horse up for sale all prices are firm unless you can make a sensible offer.  I don't belong to a breeding group, I love to play my own game at my  own pace. 

I am a competitive breeder, I buy passes and am an adult player. Even the limited amount of spam I read through has given me a low tolerance for junk mail. I am a polite player and so if I do not reply to a PM, it is either because I am
genuinely unable to (not online) or I cannot think of anything... polite to say to you. Please don't be offended; I only ignore mail relating to the sale of a horse/horses
which I do not already have in sales; asking for coverings from any of my top GP horses; mail asking how I have so much equus (that should be obvious by the karma) or mail that is simply quite rude.  

People work in real life for real money to pay for passes. They support this game in this way and are the only reason, along with the sponsors whose adverts you see (unless you are annoyed by these like me and have a peg account lol), that Howrse can exist. Please respect this. Without adult players this game would not be here to play.

I love Howrse, I am a bit (ok a lot) addicted. In real life as with this game though I can be a bit scatty and forget things. Layouts, passes, sales, whatever. If I had a deal
with you and it seems to be... forgotten, just message me again later in the day. I have a lot of mail come through on this server.



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