About Me:

I don't have personal stuff on my page because I don't want to give it out. This also means I don't want to be sent personal information. In real life I find it fun to get into discussions with people. On Howrse however I don't not either want to getting into idle chat chit nor have time do deal with useless arguments so if you are pming me be aware of this. If you pm me about something I said on the forum that you didn't like I can tell you now to stop wasting your time cause I'm not taking it back. Despite how this sounds I really do like answer questions and have a lot of respect for the players I got to know on the game.

Woot! Got my first 500k after an annoying objective that wanted a reserve ending 00000.  Milestone 5/2/14


Nov 6th 2011(9:19 am): I Just got a RUBY!!!! Didn't have to buy one real pass so anyone can do it. Dec 13th 2011: I just got a Greyfell. Oct 18 2012: A lot of pass horses were used to get Earth ^.^

Now looking for a covering for Earth. 


Looking for Donkeys with high GP hopefully around 370 or higher. (7/20/12). Looking for a foundation donkey. Will buy any cheap  horses offered in my reserve just pm me and mention my page if the horses hasn't been bought in a reasonable amount of time.


This is very important know about me I love to haggle prices and start low so if your a person who gets easily insulted with low offers say that at the start.


During the Lotteries do not pm me saying you sent me a ticket unless its been at least a few hours since the exchange. If I have missed sending you a ticket after a drawing do not remove me from your friends list. I don't like having to do anymore backtracking than I need to. If people continue to do this I will just consider that you are fine not getting a ticket from me.

NIB Horses:

  I will look at an foundation no matter the breed. Sorry will not take in offspring of foundations or horses that have missing family members in their tree for breeding purposes. I can buy theses horses for cheap. If you own a relative to one of my NIB horses and want to sell them please pm me.

This is for any horse that I bred. If you don't want it and can't sell it. I will buy it back.

 Inbreed Crossbreeds:

I have a wide range of crosses. I mainly want to add Irish Hunter into the mix ending up with a Irish Hunter good at speed but I have many projects going on.

Inbred Friesian Unicorn Breeding:   

(2/21/11): I'm the proud owner of two lovely 4* female unis twins which will end up having a GP of 486.32.

(4/17/11): I'm once again the proud owner of two lovely set of female unis twins which will end up having a GP of 518.37 and 5*.

Donkey Breeding:

I have a pair of 100 BLUP donkeys.

My Affixes/Labels/Naming:

If you see this in by a horses name: FF=Foundation Female FM=Foundation Male F=Female M=Male *=Immortal(Not all labeled)

ⁿ=Horse I BLUPed(Some of them got help from some awesome players-Not all labeled)

I love music so a lot of my horses will start being named after songs so if your curious about a name go ahead and pm me. It would be interesting to see if people can figuring who wrote the songs. Who knows maybe I will make a contest out of it.