Hello I am Storybook I am a adult player, I have been on this game for a long time just had my 7 yr anniversary. I love this game. :).png?1828806360

      I have been married to my soul mate for 24 yrs, we don't have kids just fur kids
English bulldogs. They think they are kids we don't tell them they are not human.(l).png?1828806360;).png?1828806360
 I hold contests in my EC forum that last 2 months at a time and list the winners on my EC page. all are welcome to enter. 

    I accept all friends requests, and don't delete friends after the drawings, I open the drawings giving tickets randomly to my friends so be sure to keep me as a friend. I love to help with all other contests as well.

if a horse is not listed as for sale please do not email me it is not for sale(B).png?1828806360:$.png?1828806360

     ~~~~~Contests in my EC~~~~~~~

***** Win a Harmony Pack for your Donkey