**UPDATE 12/15/13**

I will not be continuing my game here any longer. I currently have ~2,500,000 equus, 88 passes, a bunch of black market items, and all my horses. If you want any of this, send me a message and I can send items as gifts, sell horses for 500eq, and buy "trade horses" from you for equus and passes to "transfer" them to you. Just send me a message, and tell your friends! I'm not going to give one person a million eq and 20 passes--I want to kind of spread it around, but if you are interested in any of this let me know!

I've also been bidding on random auction horses for tens of thousands of equus just to give some more players some extra money, so if you're wondering why your random horse was bought by me for so much, that's why haha.

UPDATE 12/24/13

I no longer have any passes yet, and am currently using the rest of my equus to just bid very high on random horses in the auctions. Message me specifically if you have interest in equus and I'll do my best to send some your way! :) Any horses left are still available to be reserved for 500e!