Who We Were 
The Nemesis Group members were:
wildmadbad, FinlandPA, Poizonthorn, Curiorun,
bayhorse, Rez Dog, laurasjones, Icydragon84, bubbamom, yodelone, FirelightFarms and Angie97.

Folks who helped out occasionally were:
InASenseLost, delyth, Jilly's mum and wayert

Paints were first bred by gypsypoo.
She, alone, got the paints to their very first Green Stars

wildmadbad then joined gypsypoo as her breeding partner, with her first Paint being one of gypsypoo's Green Stars. When gypsypoo left the game wildmadbad took a short break away from Paints while kelshe and puffyzilla took the breed on and further raised the GP and Green Star level.

When wildmadbad returned full time to the Paints
I was asked to join her and together
the team of wildmadbad and FinlandPA
took their Paints to new heights in
Under our affixes of Marna Woods and Wild Mystery
we bred the first three, four, five, six, seven, eight
and nine Green Star Paints.

When my old breeding partner, Poizonthorn, returned to the game she joined us. At that point we decided a 'group' name was needed and Nemesis Paints was born. Shortly thereafter we asked Curiorun and shg0816 (no longer a member) to join us.

Nemesis Howrse Green Star 'Firsts',
from 10 through 29, in Paints

Nemesis Quality spoke for itself.
We bred for the highest GP and IBS
All our horses were fully bold and +100 BLUP
before they were bred.

Nemesis Affixes
If you are looking for a Nemesis Group horse then be aware that the only true Nemesis affixes are the ones listed below

Wild'sΩNemesis, Marna'sΩNemesis, Luna'sΩNemesis, Arlechino'sΩNemesis, Curecanti'sΩNemesis, Aragon`sΩNemesis, ColoredΏNemesis, RezDogΩNemesis, Jilly'sΩNemesis, Sun'sΩNemesis, LostΩNemesis, wayert'sΩNemesis, aishia'sΩNemesis, Icy'sΩNemesis, laura'sΩNemesis, bubba'sΩNemesis, Firelight'sΩNemesis,
Yode'sΏNemesis' and Kel'sΩNemesis,

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it does mean that you may come across a horse with an affix similar to ours, but if it's not one of the above, then it is not the genuine article.

Demon Affixes
You will often see Nemesis horses with a 'Demon' affix:

These were the Nemesis horses that were born
with Superior IBS
and trained, by various players, specifically
to gain a top 10 ranking
on the ELITE SKILLS board.

Nemesis No Longer Exists

We disbanded a while ago

and many of our members

(like myself)

no longer actively play the game.



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