5-7-2023 - If anyone would like to be friends to help for the events - I am looking for more. I am not a very chatty person and am generally only able to be on the game in the evenings (East Coast USA), due to work, but would anticipate to spread my network.

A.bout M.e

Hello! Once upon a time I played howrse back in the old days (circa 2010) but stopped due to the joys of life. I recently restarted my account and game. I am an adult from the state of Georgia in the USA and am avid equestrian. I have one Arabian who is 31 years old and a quarter/app who is 20. They’re essentially at this point, “pasture pets”. P.S. - I always try to return congratulations!

T.he H.orses

I am currently breeding purebred appaloosas. I have a couple of foundations that I am also trying to BLUP and breed as NIB horses.