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I see you stumbled across my page. I'm Éolyssa, but you can call me Lyss ^^ I recently turned 29, so yes, I'm an adult player, and no, I do not accept random friend requests. I live in New Zealand (making time zones incredibly annoying at times but all good xD) and yus, we have a sunny Christmas - non of this snow/white Christmas crazy-talk xD I don't get to ride at all, unfortunately, but my litte kitty keeps me company instead. He's a bit strange, but we'll forgive him for it.

Meh game o.o

Here on Howrse I'm all into the training comp monsters for the Grand Prix, and I am making slow progress - best ranking at the end of the week so far is 304th, achieved 12/12/11 :D I also seem to be starting a small collection of GA coats, totally unplanned ^^ Also collect DA Marwaris, so if you ever have any for sale, please let me know and I am sure we can arrange something (: Lastly, I will buy certain BMIs for the following prices - please contact me if you have any for sale and I'll happily buy: Helios Ray - 15,000e, Medusas Blood - 35,000e, Golden Apple - 75,000e and Chronos Timer - 40,000e

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