About me

Gidday! I'm from Australia and joined Howrse on 11th May 2007. I welcome friendly messages and questions about the game, and am happy to add you to my friends list. In case you send me a message, I might take a while to reply as I'm not online every day.

Latest news

July 2016: All the howrses in my 'The other horses' breeding farm are looking for new homes. There are a heap of foundation and non-inbred Standardbreds, foundation (GP 351.20) Hackneys, non-inbred Purebred Spanish Horses, plus a few others. I will consider reasonable offers on any of them. If a howrse has expensive Black Market item(s) on it (Morpheus Arms, Philosopher's Stone, Nyx or Poseidon pack), I may request pass(es) towards its purchase as I have spent real-life money buying these items. Want a particular howrse but have no passes? Then we can talk equus-only, I value a pass at around 100 000 equus.

Please DON'T ask me to sell you a howrse 'really cheap', or from one of my other breeding farms. I receive lots of requests to part with my collection howrses - don't be offended if I choose not to respond to your similar request.

May 2013: ~ A huge thank you, LC Kiko ~

My Howrse game

My main aim is developing high GP non-inbred (NIB) Purebred Spanish Horses. My howrses are bred when they achieve BLUP 100. I refer to my foundation howrses (Ouranos x Gaia) as generation 1 (depicted by '_1' in their name), their offspring as generation 2 (depicted by '_2' in their name), and so-on.

My BLUP 100 stallions are available for coverings on request. Please message me with the name of the stallion you would like to use, and the name of your mare that is ready for breeding

Please visit my equestrian centre LazyM Ranch, there are some useful game tips in the forum.

Daily bonuses

Stroke up to five Xanthos each day to win 1,000 equus, 10 energy points for one of your howrses and a chance to win a Horn Of Plenty. Try opening this link in a separate window, or type 'Xanthos' in the Directory search.

Congratulate up to five Topaz each day to win up to 250 equus and a chance to win a Diamond. Try these random links Topaz 1Topaz 2Topaz 3Topaz 4Topaz 5,Topaz 6Topaz 7Topaz 8Topaz 9Topaz 10, or type 'Topaz' in the Directory search.

Answer a question by one Archimedes each day to win an Aging Point. Try these random links Archimedes 1, Archimedes 2, Archimedes 3, or type 'Archimedes' in the Directory search. Try opening this link in a separate window for help.

Defrost one Frost each day for a chance to win a Hypnos Blanket. Try these random links Frost 1, Frost 2, Frost 3, or type 'Frost' in the Directory search

Other stuff

There are several long-time Howrse members (such as moderators Ow and Rivenwood, plus CraXoR, Yankee Lady, uptonia, chis, Ckat, ponyponepony, kingofjazz, mechurchlady, Ladygoddess, wildmadbad, Aphrodite31 and many others)  who have set the standard of the game and who have heaps of great information in their forums.

Making money with your Equestrian Centre - see Equestrian1's forum.

New features on Howrse.