My avatar is of my newest kitten Sylver. DO NOT STEAL. This is a game. A way to de-stress from a hard work week, relax and have some harmless fun, playing and chatting with friends. When I'm blupping I never use auto-comp and I never enter over someone else blupping.  It's called common courtesy. Due to my time zone I'm often the only member of my team online so need to use co accounts to clear my comps. My blups are clearly named and I find it quite rude (and lazy) when someone enters the last spot so all the work I did trying to get wins is nullified. But if you insist on preventing me from getting wins, don't be surprised if you are told no when wanting to order a Paso prep.



Walking With Giants

I'm a proud member of the #1 Paso team. We are a dedicated, honest, close knit, drama free group who's goal is to produce top quality Peruvian Pasos and have fun doing it. Cheaters, scripters and multi accounters are not welcome (we have a growing list)  We don't offer covers above public sales release. Not even for cross breeding. We occasionally breed mid week skillors so keep an eye on sales. Last week of the month is breeder's week. That means the first 3 weeks are strictly for orders. Extra hits will be prepped and put into direct sales when entries open for trot Prix.


Unicorns at the moment are just a part time hobby mainly for completing objectives.

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About my game

Despite my seniority, I've been around this game for years. Back when Rivenwood was a mod. If you have any questions about the game or horses, feel free to PM me and I will either answer to the best of my ability or I will direct you toward someone who can help. This game is my escape from the real world and I would appreciate that no one try to ruin that. This is, after all, JUST A GAME. Anywho, I mainly breed Peruvian Paso horses with my team. I also breed Unicorns when I can find the time. Aside from that, I've been working to collect all the trophies on my down time. 

Please Do Not

-Ask if any of my over the sales GP horses are for sale.

-Ask for a cover from a horse that has GP higher than public sales and covers.

-Send random FR. I will not accept.  

-PM me asking for things (BMIs, help with objectives etc.) That is against the rules and you will be reported.

-PM me with insulting offers for any of my horses that are in sales. If it's not marked negotiable I will ignore your message.

-Get mad if I turn down any of your offers. I price my horses fairly, often under valuing them.

-Steal my avatar. It is a personal picture of my new familiar.                                                                             


Feel Free to

Congratulate my game. Stalk my forum. I have blupping schedules as well as a walkthough of how to get all 60 points from foal games. 
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