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 Here are some direct links to some sites that appear to be very good to help you learn how to make layouts HTML

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APPROVE MY IDEA - Increase Scale of Skill Display


22nd May - Starting exams again so very busy and tired
13th November - Seeing how much things have changed!
28th July - Fist time on howrse in yonks !!!
29th May - GOT MY HORSE SMOKEY !!!
14th April - VERY nervous about GCSE Maths results tomorrow
13th April - Brought a 322 dressage close to 24e lessons
27th March - Finished my first coat
26th March - Back from France
21st March - Going to France
15th March - Is thinking about selling a harlequin
15th March - Finished coursework essay *touch wood*
14th March - Lost 3 hours worth of work on my ICT course work
11th March - Seriously bored of doing English coursework essays
10th March - Teachers are taking advantage of our 'catch up' lessons from snow days, for lessons we never missed.
10th March - Doing coursework essays....BORING!
9th March - Still has lots of homework
8th March - Is getting lots of homework again...taking 5 hours a night
5th March - Wayert joined the group
2nd March - Has decided to try get into the 2014 England Ski Team
2nd March - Just done a GCSE maths exam
1st March - Slightly stressed for maths exam tom
23rd Feb - Made my first animated banner
23rd Feb - Knows physics exam went bad
22nd Feb - Got 100 in the physics ISA exam
Feb 21st Feb - Kind of worried about a physics exam on tuesday I haven't revised for
21st Feb - Just got back from skiing
21st Feb - Got only 3-4 hours of sleep last night
9th Feb - the date today is 9/02/10 ..some may know this is a TV program, 90210
9th Feb - Got an A* in a geography essay
8th Feb - Very happy now physics exam is over
7th Feb - New Layout
7th Feb - Layouts are Closed
7th Feb - Starting to increase ranking
7th Feb - Dreading Physics exam tomorrow
7th Feb - mavrocks is not helping me by talking on msn while I revise
I am a teenager girl living in the UK with 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 rabbit and 2 fish...No horse.

My Personality (according to some): Funny, Crazy, Bubbly, Kind and Honest

Fave Activities: Skiing, Riding, Reading, Cycling, Badminton, Rounders, Hockey, Swimming, Photo Editing.

Fave Books: Harry Potter, Twilight, Vampire Academy, Shifters Series, Warrior Cats, House of Night, Night World.

Fave Films: Harry Potter, Charmed, Twilight, Madagascar, Hustle, House

Fave Day of the week: Monday - it seems to go quickly.

Goals: 1million equus, EC in the top 50, 100 passes, 5 coats


My Equestrian Centre is a work in progress at the moment.

I will not accept horses with below 300 dressage to board at the moment to maintain my prestige, I will accept foals but they can only be boarded up 4 days and they must reach 300 dressage minimum by the update. If you over run you will be charged 3,000e per day until your horse meets the requirements.

I am currently working with mavrocks, aishia, wayert and I2Walker to improve our competitions, so therefor we are always on the look out for foal/elites that will make/have over 310 in stamina, speed, gallop and jumping.

I am not breeding, however I am eliting horses for Equestrian Quests

I also elite horses upon request, it's not cheep, there is a lot of bm's needed and a lot of work to be done. The horse will always reach the top 10 on the leader board and be at least 3rd for it's breed (depending on how many passes you want to spend on a foal)

Cost: 10,000e 3 passes for my time
7+ passes for the foal
30 for BM items (inc. Nyx Pack, Atlante Pack, WOY, 20 POC's) you can provide items to reduce the cost...price goes up if you want GA/Blood/Shutterfly etc...

Please PM me for more details

If you have any paints/hanos/arabs/hunters/thoroughbred with IBS 232 or over and with the latest GP please PM me with your price.

And no I don't want to be breeding partners.

Layout Orders Are CLOSED!

Avatar - Free
Banner -  1 pass / a BM item
Layout - 2 passes / BM item(s)
2 Layouts - 3 passes / BM item(s)
Unlimited -  10 passes / 200,000e
Any animation - Add 1 pass to the price

I am not interested in Pandora's Box or Hephaestus Horseshoes as payment
There are free layouts available in my forum

I will make your layout on my Equestrian Centre's page, when you are happy with how it looks I will reserve you a horse, when you have brought it/sent the items, I will pm you're code. (I wont scam, even if i did what the point of spending about an hour making a layout that won't be used?), I keep a original version of every layout code/image I do so if you loose it please just ask for another copy.

If I have to do two completely different manipulations you will be charged twice

How do I make my layouts?
I find images on the internet/pictures I have taken then I manipulate them on photoshop elements 8, then i upload the new image to photobucket and then I write the HTML code for the layout.

Will you teach me to make layouts?
No, I worked hard to learn HTML and photoshop skills it took over a year...If I can put the effort in so can you, try searching the internet, you can find all you need to know.

Do NOT redistribute or copy any of my work and class it as you're own, you will be reported and face karma loss and presentation deletion...all you have to do is be creative, unique and develop you're own style for you're page to look fab!

Layouts I have made recently

Razor's Girl





perfect twihard

pslow afast




Starynight EC



mavrocks banner

Forest Queen




One Timeless Rolex

Ring Master

Aishia Coding Only

To come: Ring Master EC, Bigdream86, Forest Queen, emiliop


I will buy BM items, I won't sell nor trade (except for Horn Of Abundance or Nyx pack)

◆ Nyx Pack - pm your offers (passes too)
◆ Horn Of Abundance - 10,000e or 1 pass
◆ Atlante Pack - 15,000e
◆ Piece Of Cloud - 5,000e
◆ 5th Element - 25,000e or 2 passes
◆ Water Of Youth - 5,000e
◆Morpheus' Arms - 15,000e
◆ Shutterfly's Splint Boot -25,000e
◆ Hera Pack - 15,000e
◆Apollo's Lyre - 10,000e
◆ Hestia's Gift -50,000e
◆Centaur Pack 10,000e
◆ Zeus' Lightening Blot - 5,000e
◆Golden Apple -5,000e
◆Aphrodite's Tears -7,000e
◆ Medusas Blood - 5,000e
◆ Fallabella - 10,000e
◆ Chronos's Timer - 10,000e
◆ Fertility Wand -7,000e
◆Daphne's Laurels - 10,000e
◆ Golden Spurs - 10,000e
◆ Philosopher's Stone - 10,000e
◆ Artemis's Arrow - 7,000e
◆ Sea-horse - 5,000e
◆ Ageing Point - 500e
◆ Horn Of Plenty - 2,000e
◆ Eolus's Wind - 2,500e
◆ Black Orchid - 2,000e
◆ Pandora's Box - 2,000e
◆Hephaestus Horseshoes - 2,000e

Please reserve a horse and send the item, I will buy when i have received the item. If i bid on a horse and someone out bids me I will not bid again. I am trust worthy, please see my forum.

Please do comment on my forum if you have traded/sold to me