~ BAY TEAM Connemara Unicorns and HAVETS MAGI Chincoteague Unicorns ~


I have produced quality, high GP Connemara unicorns since 2008.  See them under the various previous affixes (prior to teams) and BayTeam Unicowrns.  In partnership with AnnaO, we produced the first greenstar Connemara unicorns in the game, and were also instrumental in breeding double green star Connemara unicorns.  In addition, we were the first to breed triple green stars, and collectively we were the first and second to breed four green stars; we have continued to breed elite unicorns, including the first green star in trot!  It's been a long strange trip from a unicorn with the GP of 353.56 purchased from zepharo back in March of 2008.

Although now in haitus, I am proud that in partnership with ladyshrew and horsegirljp, we produced fine, purebred Connemara ponies and were the second partnership in the game to produce purebred greenstar Connemaras. See them under the affixes Galway Bay, Junior Menace, Menace, Jr., Jr. Menace Green * and Menace, Jr. Green * and Menacing Trio.  With all tribute to the amazing lavendermenace and Vivababy, who took the Connies on an incredible GP journey and are some of the best people around, too.


4/3/09: AnnaO and I are proud to announce the first triple greenstar Connemara unicorns in the game, Jasper and Casper, born 4/3/09 with triple green stars in stamina!  This wouldn't have been possible without the help of various others, including ladyshrew, ShuxRei, lavendermenace and ali8, but  most of all, the most fantastic breeding partner one could ever wish for in this game!  To celebrate, we have unveiled new, more aligned affixes.

4/7/09: I'm excited to announce the arrival of my first natural strawberry roan unicorn filly, Flamenco!  With a 1% chance of having a strawberry roan coat and a one in six chance of being a uni, I'm glad to have bucked the odds!

4/9/09: Our first quad green stars are here, and we are the second team to hit this goal.  All the above thanks more than hold true, and I also extend congratulations to fiberfarmmom, PONY MAD 321 and LolliWolly.

4/20/09: Now operating in conjunction with fiberfarmmom and Paintedmare to bring together two lines of great elite GP Connemara unicorns.

8/26/09: Now back to the original dynamic duo, I would like to wish fiberfarmmom and Paintedmare all the best as AnnaO and I continue on the Connemara unicorn GP quest.

9/23/09: Now working with PONY MAD 321 and GREENACREViva la Connemara unis!

10/13/09: Please welcome the first eight green star Connemara unicorns in the game, two of them being twin natural strawberry roans!

11/18/09: I just want to say here what a delight it has been working with and getting to know AnnaO, who is truly one of the kindest, sweetest people I have had the privilege to meet here or anywhere.  Together we have taken the Connemara unicorns from not a green star on the horizon to 8 green stars, navigating through all the frustrations of uni breeding with total trust in each other, strong in the knowledge that we were in the best partnership anyone could ask for in this game.  May your journeys in life be wonderful, and may you and your family be blessed.  You're the best, P.  Keep in touch.

3/24/10: With hard work by GREENACRE, AnnaO and myself, we are now up to 11 green stars for our elite Connemara unicorns.  Go team!  Also, my newest Black Pearl coats have been accepted.

4/17/10: Hard work by GREENACRE, AnnaO and myself continues to pay off, as we are now proud to announce the first 12 green stars (first green star in gallop achieved) for our elite Connemara unicorns. 

11/15/10: The first 16 and 17 green star Connemara unicorns are here, and we welcome the return of fiberfarmmom!

12/17/10: The first 18 green star Connemara unicorns are here, and we say a fond farewell to  GREENACRE.  All the best!

2/12/11: The first 19 and 20 green star Connemara unicorns are here!

9/4/11:  A Connemara unicorn hits the top five in the purebred Connemara skill rankings!

9/17/11:  The first 28 and 29 green star Connemara unicorns are here, and the first green star in speed for unicorns of the breed!

1/26/12:  The first 31 and 32 green star Connemara unicorns are here!  And we welcome daplelover99 to the fold!

11/14/12:  AnnaO and I are up to 58 stars and the first green star in trot achieved for Connemara unicorns!  We bid a fond farewell to daplelover99.


Please check my sales, as I tend to keep a number of ponies up at all times. If there is something specific that you are looking for, please message me and I'll see what we can do.  Note: because I spend many passes in developing my unicorn ponies, unicorns, especially with high GP or with Black Market items will not be sold without passes! I am open to some negotiation, but passes will be required.  I don't often have unicorn studs available for coverings, but please PM me and I will see what is available.

I'm an adult player with a full-time job that I enjoy very much, and a small menagerie consisting of two cats, a dog, and tropical fish. Among other things, I am vegetarian, a fan of musical theatre, an avid reader, follower of the PBR, and I have a background in the studio arts.

BLACK PEARL: Home of various black pearl coats for ponies, pegasi, donkeys and unicorns, as well as companion coats, and winner of the HAUNTED CASTLE Halloween UFO contest, 2009
The pony was drawn in pastel, then altered slightly in Photoshop.  The pegasi were, with the exclusion of the outlines, made entirely in Photoshop, as were all the rest.  I always knew that a BA in studio art would come in handy one day.



All credit and my thanks to Amiara for my original layout, CraXoR for the programming tips on her site which helped me make corrections following the transition to V2, and Vivababy for figuring this out for my HTML impaired self.