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about me

 Hi, I'm Mom.  I wanted to see if this game was apropriate for my 8 year old daughter and became addicted.  Since then the whole family has joined in.   I was raised with horses but haven't been able to afford them in real life.  Luckily pixels don't cost much to feed.  

My Game

I gave up on the GP race and now just concentrate on training and achievements.    I have bred and trained many breeds in the past and just couldn't keep up with the big breeders because of my lack of passes.   Newefies will always be my favorite and I will still dabble in some breeding of both purebred and crosses.    I am willing to send coverings if you are interested in one of my stallions, and  sell a horse if the price is reasonable, but I'm just here to have fun.

My breeding farms

Peach Ridge Newfies and Passos 
are for those breeds only.   Some horses might also be in my training section.

My Crossbreeds farm
is for my crossbreeding project horses.  Some of the horses will be in my Training or Comp and EC farm .  All horses in this project will have an -x in their names to identify them.

In Training 
is for all horses in active training and blupping. These horses could be from any of my other farms except the Comp and EC.

The Comp and EC
farm is for my competition horses, and horses used to help the prestige of my EC.  It also contains horses to keep my competitions running smoothly.  .

Peach Ridge Farm

 Peach Ridge farm is my small equestrian center with all the luxurey features offered in the game.  Feel free to visit and check out my forum for some helpful information. 


Sales and Breeding


   I occasionally have horses for sale so check out my sales page for some good quality foals, or 100 blup mares.  I  have great deals on horses I have bought for there tack, but don't expect me to reduce my 100 blup horses down to nothing.  They have taken a lot of my time and sometimes passes to train.  If you make a cash only offer I will consider it if it is realistic.   If you make an offer on a horse that isn't on the sales list than I will consider it if it is a good enough. Just keep in mind that these are horses I plan to keep so they won't go cheap.  

My Breeding

I breed Newfoundlands and Passos at the moment but haven't put much effort into it lately.   I have horses from my original line and some from horses I bought.   I used to breed Hanoverians, chincotigues, Appolusas, Morgans, and Friesian Unicorns but haven't really done much with them in over a year.   

My crossbreeding  goal is a horse with stars in all skills.  I have exceed that goal and am now looking for 3 stars in each skill.

I am willing to make deals with other breeders to use my mares to further there breeding.  Feel free to send a message if you have any questions or want to negotiate a price.

A Side Note

I hate to have to mention this, but please don't send covers to my mares, or sob stories about how your foal will die if I don't accept a cover from you 3 year old stud.   If I want a cover, I will ask for one, and I won't change my breeding plans because of a few sad faces. 25376ca9c38f23811c401c64339ffa93.png If you want to advertise your stallion, I have a section on my forum and I promise to look at it.

Look out for my affixes:

Of the Ridge
Over the Ridge
Across the Ridge
Beyond the Ridge
Mythical Ridge


At Stud

Most fees are 200e for reserved coverings
When asking for coverings please specify which stallion you want to cover which mare.    I will happily send a covering.