tuesday, april 27, 2010

Please approve/vote and comment on my idea!

watching... Chuck
reading... The Hitchhiker's Trilogy by Douglas Adams
listening... Velvet Underground + Niko produced by Andy Warhol
I specialize in non-inbred hanoverians. I dabble in other breeds, including friesians, purebred spanish horses, marwari, barbs, brumbies and morgans, but have chosen to focus on hanos, in the following areas:

Forever Black Hanos
Highest 1st Gen GP: 357.12
Highest 2nd Gen GP: 362.99
Highest 3rd Gen GP: 365.16
Eternal Hanos
Highest 1st Gen GP: 357.44
Highest 2nd Gen GP: 357.33
Hanos of the Faithful
Highest 1st Gen GP: 356.52
Highest 2nd Gen GP: 358.21

I am always willing to offer covering with any of my 100 BLUP horses that can be found in my Abyss Retired Hanoverian breeding farm. Covering fees are based on the horse's GP, so message me if interested.

I really enjoy helping out other players get their 20 wins, so if you need fillers please message me with the name of your horse, the breed, the type of show and the difficulty and I will fill when I am able. Just message me!
I am currently not selling any items, just buying and/or trading. I am always looking for (if I have the appropriate equus or items):

sablier-chronos.pngChronos Timer - 12000e or 6000e + 1 pass BM item
pack-hera.pngHera's Pack - 18000e or 12000e + 1 pass BM item
vieillissement.pngAging Points - 800e
navet.pngTurnips - are always appreciated!