I'm a long-time adult player, who was ranked #1 in Seniority for quite a while but around December 2nd or 3rd in 2021 managed to miss a day and I am currently ranked #2.  I started playing in May of 2007 after being told about the game by a RL friend whose game name was Novanora; sadly she passed away in 2012.  

It's a long time to play a game, and while I'm not as serious as I was in the past, I still enjoy my pixel ponies.  Please check out my Welsh Museum on the Welsh Ponies tab, it has ponies from some of the original breeders on the game.  I'm always interested in purchasing ponies with those affixes.  

While I am flattered to be invited to join a team, please do not ask as I am not able to commit the time or resources required at this time.

Also please note, my Diamond Apple horses are not ever for sale.  

From March of 2009 until April of 2016 I was part of the Absolute Perfection Welsh team.  We were the #1 Welsh breeders for most of this time, however real life eventually caught up to us all and we decided on April 30, 2016 to shut down the team and leave the GP race.  My breeding team members have all become great real-life friends and even though we live in different countries, we manage to get together now and then.

My avatar is our cat, we got him on Dec 26, 2018; my husband found him and brought him home.  2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png  Best Christmas present ever!