I haven’t been able to get on every day but I do respond to messages as soon as I can. 

Hanoverian Stallions at Stud:
Please see my FR Stallions tab for current available Stallions. All are purebred, fully blup and trained before being offered for stud and most are bred with tears to ensure highest quality. I offer some of the highest GP not within a breeding team and most are available by PM only. Discounts to mares who are purebred and fully blup.

I will also take custom foal orders! However be aware that timing may be delayed. 

See my Sales Barn tab for what is available and PM for price inquiry/ offers. Foals, fully trained breeding stock and everything in between. 
While I’m usually open to offers I probably just won’t reply to any lowball offers. I breed almost all my stock with tears and if I spent passes then I will want passes in exchange. 

Whats New:                                                

July 22, 2018
Summer is here and life has gotten super hectic. For those who don’t know I am a female adult player (25-30 range) so I don’t have huge amounts of time to spend on the game every day so thank you all for your patience in me getting back to messages and breeding requests. 
I thought it would be fun to tell you a little about the real me. I do have a couple real horses of my own and have previously worked for several different types of barns as a groom and assistant trainer. I have a passion for off track thoroughbreds and Hanoverians. I don’t ride competitively and haven’t actually been in the show ring myself since 2010. The horse I planned to start competing on has suffered a head injury affecting the vision in one of his eyes so while he will always have a home with me, it looks like his future as a show horse isn’t going to happen. 
I also have 3 dogs, all mixed breed adopted, plus a couple barn cats. This year we welcomed an actual human baby into our family as well! 
As far as my game on here goes, I’m focusing exclusively on breeding Hanoverians. Still open to taking custom foal orders! 
Feb 8, 2018
I’ve currently blupped my first hanos with GP above 7200! I have a stud who is fully blup/bolded and I’m just waiting on my mare to finish competitions before breeding the pair. I have a few foals available with GP over 7000. I will also now take custom foal orders. I’m not necessarily looking to join a breeding team but am more than willing to help out players with any discount stud covers or negotiate prices on sales.
Jan 3, 2018
I have been playing more consistently and have been focused on just improving my Hanoverian stock. I currently have ALL colts and stallions FOR SALE, feel free to check out the Sales Barn tab as I haven't listed all of them yet. Any Hanoverian with GP 6700 and under I would also be willing to part with as most of the mares and fillies I haven't listed either. I'd pretty well be open to offers on any other horses except my GA coat Hanoverian mare, most I keep as future pass horses. 
Sept 15 2017
I have been away for so long and everything has changed so much! I'm still breeding Hanoverians for sport but can't keep up with all the breeding teams so more for fun. I now have a lot of foals and young horses in training which is always fun to do. I'm also slowly building up my pass horse collection again while I negotiate all the changes in the game. It makes me feel really old to have gone from being excited on breeding my first 2000+ skilled horse to now breeding foals with over 1000 inborn skills haha! We will see how long I last again but I think this time I'll be in it for a few months at least thanks to all the downtime real life has given me. Maybe if I get serious enough I'll start focusing more on breeding top notch Hanoverians again but for now I won't invest in the passes for top bred stock.                                                                                                  Happy howrsing!
June 9, 2013
Well I lasted another 100 days or so before life got too busy again. Sold off a lot of my horses and am down to the select few that I really like. Summer just brings on so many more outside things to do that I can't bring myself to sit inside on the computer. I'll be logging on occasionally but just working on my current comp horses and keeping up with my EC. 
Check back in November when it starts getting too cold to ride outside!
April 27, 2013:
My EC: is closed to outside boarders as I have too many of my own. I am in the process of adding more boxes to accomodate my growing breeding farms.
PSH Princess has reached full blup/bold, the first time I have completed this by myself on a horse I bred. She is also my first 2000+ skiller that I have bred myself. Hanoverian JumpInTheFire is fully blup, very near full bold and also almost 2000 skilled. She is currently pregnant and I am very excited for this foal. 
I come on very rarely now so I expect my game to take a quick downhill slide again :(
Hanoverians: I'm started to get some 113* Foals now. My top mare has reach 100 blup, just needs to reach age 10, so until then her foals will be for sale. I have a few mares I am working on blupping at the moment. I would entertain offers on certain ones as they are all similarly bred and once they are ready to breed I won't need so many broodmares.
Purebred Spanish Horses: Princess has become my first 2000+ skiller that I bred myself:) She has also reached 100 Blup and is producing fantastic foals that I'm very excited about. Dreammaster is nearing 100 Blup, I am offering him for sale but would be just as happy to keep him in my barn as a competition horse. Princess has now had foals in the 107* range, some I may offer for sale.
I've started experimenting breeding PSH and Lusitano to make a more evenly balanced comp horse. This does set them back some stars but it is fun cross-breeding.
Sporthorses: This breeding farm is all my english sporthorse types: Purebred KWPN, Nokota and my Hano cross-breds and PSH/Lusitano crossbreds. These I breed for fun and compete although I am always open to offers on these :)