In DESPERATE need of Philosopher’s Stone!
I am a Marwari purebreeder (online), and I have ridden horses for 5 years. I have an amazing cat, Bubbles and I love art. I am she/they, either pronoun works :)
If you have a horse of mine you want to cover/ you want one of my horses to cover your horse you can message me and ask! You can also request that I breed two of my horses, but the foal will not be free. If you would like a horse of mine, please check in with me, I may be willing to sell! 
In-game details:
Always looking for Artemis Arrow, Wand of Fertility, and Philosopher’s Stone!
Always looking for purebred Marwaris over 20000 GP(uni or not) 
I buy any Marwari over 19000 GP. Just reserve them to me for a reasonable price.

Atalanta, Ulysses and Achilles joined my breeding farm 2024/05/17
Yggdrasil joined my breeding farm 2024/06/24
27th in popularity 2024/06/30


If you are reading this, congrats, try and be the 1,000th person to congradulate me, and I’ll gift you something ;)

I am currently in a Marwari team, ‘Stand out, Fit in’, but will still consider any invites to other teams.

I have lived in 2 countries and 3 places in total. I started art-ing in 2018. I loveeee music. I’ve always been obsessed with the fallen angel concept. My favorite TV show is Netflix’s Arcane (hence my profile pic). I like anime and comic books. I’m habitually clingy (apologies to my friends). I have HORRIBLE eyesight. I am howrse obsessed. And I try and return congratulations whenever I can, but sometimes I don’t see them :( . I name some of my horses in Greek because I run out of interesting names. I have recently (2024/05/29) created another account on the U.S server for Mustangs under the name of NonPersonCharacter. I return congrats whenever I can.

P.S I always accept friend requests and love to chat!
Happy Howrsing!