Free gift for my 2,000th congratulator! PM me

ADULT PLAYER | Australian

I'm down to help new players, especially with the beginner objectives, PM me if your seniority under 50 days and I'll see what I can do.
Kinda just doing my own thing. Willing to buy any horse for under 1000e, and pretty much everything in my OTHER HORSES tab is up for sale, just send me a message.
I used to play around 2015ish. I don't remember my user (potentially Bella227 or rebellz227?), but I played on the international and the Australian servers, I made layouts and likely had a Green Day layout myself. Please message if you remember me! Aside from that, I'm a pretty busy person with work and study, so I'm using this game to procrastinate. My profile picture was made by me, and is a photo of myself and my rooster :)