Hello, first off I want to say I welcome any and all friend requests though I do want to state I am an Adult player so please take that into consideration. 

My main focus with this game is to breed High GP/Star Horses to the best of my abilities with eventually a focus on Uni's; currently I am working on my base breeds and semi-branching out. Am I doing it the best way? Probably not but I'm doing it in a way that makes sense to my ADHD brain (Its a lot of ooo pretty I like those) but I am also having fun with this. 

I am also open for trades or breeding requests just hit me up in the DM's 


The Farms: (Will be fixing these at some point)
Desert Origins - Arabians, Akhal-Teke, and Mawari,
Travellers Origins - Vanner
Rose Origins - Friesian
Spirit Origins - Mustang 
Wanderer Origins - Appaloosa