Used to play on a different account but due to inactivity, I'm now here! I have really picked up dealing with Thoroughbreds as well as the whole breeding deal. If you like to purchase any of my horses that are for sale in the underage section or in the other horses section, please don't hesitate to PM me! I am not currently selling any of the Thoroughbreds but if you would like the first ones I'm selling from Rails Up and Atlas Wonders, also PM me. The price will definitely be a little higher just because of the time and effort I've put into them but I promise it will be worth it! If you want to see how that baby would do, take a look at So Proud in the Thoroughbred Wonders section. He is the first homebred from those two! 

Bitzy and Boop are the second batch from those two, and from now on the foals will be for sale, either direct for 20,000 equus or 70 passes. If you would like the reserved, it will be 25,000 equus or 75 passes. These prices are NOT negotiable, as these babies have a bright future. The ones for sale will be listed below as soon as they are born:

-I currently dom't have any for sale!