Hey, there! I use this space to update my current gameplay!  


I'm on a mission to complete my collection of Uni Butterflies from the Wandering Spirit Collection!

NEEDED: Unicorn Death's Head  Monarch
  вυттєяƒℓу ωαη∂єяєяѕ  

Check back soon!
 Adult gamer! Returning to Howrse after many years of inactivity with the same username. My game consists of Unicorn Thoroughbreds, High GP Selles, and a mix of different breeds.
I collect the fancy things that catch my eye and play my own way.  

Trinity, Trin for short. She/her/they. There's no room for hate here. Happily engaged to my handsome fiancé. Proud fur mother to 3 dogs, 5 cats, and feather mother to 2 parrots. Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT). Lover of all things animal. Horseback rider and amateur trainer. PC Gamer. Message me for my Discord. I'm always looking to make new friends! (:
Just for funsies...