I’m back! Working on breeding as usual, THB and Donkeys halted until I get some more mustangs bulped. 

Looking for Zeus’s Lighting Bolts and Tears, I’m happy to trade or offer Equus!


My Gameplay: 

I competitively breed Mustangs with the affix TheQuadSixes. I offer coverings from my Mustang Stud Farm too, so feel free to P.M.! I am starting Donkeys, Drafts, and Thoroughbreds. I enter competitions randomly, so I’m not after your horse. The only horses for sale are in my Sale Barn, so please don’t ask about any others. I’m happy to be friends, but I don’t talk too much. If you are a new player I can also help out with objectives or items.

About Me: 

 I’m a U.S. based player and love animals and reading. I don’t own real horses anymore, but raise cattle, sheep, chickens, rabbits, turkeys, and have a German Shepard. I am in FFA and love books by James Herriot, Zane Grey and William Wasserman, mostly outdoor books as well as classics. I'm currently on my way to the Chapter Degree, so wish me luck! You may already know by the profile, but I LOVE Yellowstone too. I’ve seen 1883 and 1923 as well and all the current seasons. I would love to make friends with other fans on here!

 That’s all for now!


My presentation is up there, silly.