Some of you may remember me as Smile More and my usnername on my old Discord was EJPhantom.
I hope to find my past rp partners my old discord is now lost so I have no access to it now. Makes me so sad so many good rps were on there4f8bc8dff741273ca7c8ae63f8fb9e79_v1582023526.png

I love to rp! I only write on Discord as howrse is very sensitive when it comes to rping on here. writingfrenzy is my username on Discord if you would like to find me there. I have plenty of ideas and if you have ideas I would love to hear them. Also always happy to do fandom based RP's too!

Please be over 18 of age. I am an adult over 20+. I ask you are open to anything and everything as I'm open to everything. Skipping or blacking out at certain scenes bore me. I do MxF and MxM pairings.

Obsessed with (Just to name a few):
Doctor Who
Good Omens
The Vampire Diaries
Peaky Blinders
Harry Potter
Once Upon A Time
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel
How I Met Your Mother
Downton Abbey
Stranger Things (Mainly Eddie <3)
The Breakfast Club
The Ugly Truth
Phantom of the Opera
Pride and Prejudice
Wuthering Heightts
Jane Eyre
The count of Monte Cristo
Inkheart (The Book. The movie makes me angry lol)