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Ꮍꭺꮻꭲꮻꮇꭼ | Yaotome Free Howrse Design
Greetings and welcome to my page! I love collecting items and found this game by chance, since then with the help of several people I've now grown a herd of over 6000 horses, many who I love and cherish.

My Special Ones are usually the oldest and are also mostly unicorns, so if interested at taking a look at my growing collection beloved pixels, you can find most in their Immortal Rulers tabs.*Please note, they are not usually for sale*

I do use Auto comps so if I drown your horse by accident, I'm happy to fill. If and when I can. Thank you for visiting and good luck on your own breeding ~ Kizuna
I am Proud to welcome the first ever 26k Apploosa Unicorn on the INT server lovingly called, Ruler of Light who I coated soon afterwards ^_^
I own a newt unicorn! I gained her via the Ow Apple which I put it onto a 1% foundling uni that i bought.

I own a 70c coat now too! my rarest owned RC, shes called Golden Light and is a Thoroughbred Uni.

And I'm proud to say I own a Diamond Apple Uni! Shes named Arizona as thats the name her last owner gave her and i wanted to keep it as it fitted well, a lovely pink apploosa. And im super glad ive fulfilled a Howrse Dream.
Due to my goal of getting an entire AP farm worth of immortal unicorns, I'm always on the lookout for BMIs of, Stones, Nyxs, Harmony's and Golden Apples

I also adopt any female Immortal Unicorns
for 100p each if and when ive got funds

Howrse Goal: 1,000 Immortal Unicorn to craft a AP farm. [500/1,000] - Halfway there! a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336_v1582023526.png

Main ISO I wish to Adopt, don't care about affix or breed. Let me know if you see them in sales or have one yourself that your willing to rehome. - Thank You