> My Archimedes
>Please see "other" box for updates and announcements.
>Breeding Selle Francais with Your Worst Nightmare team!   
>Actively seeking GA's and VA's! PM if you have any you'd like to sell or trade!                                    >Casually collecting trophies. Currently focused on Species Trophy. Need: Donkey Unicorn, Draft Unicorn, Pegasus Pony, Winged Donkey, Winged Donkey Unicorn, Winged Draft Unicorn, Winged Unicorn Pony. 
Adult Player (21+) She/Her
>Currently Reading: The Wicked King
>Currently Watching: Umbrella Academy
>I love chatting and making friends so feel free to PM me:)
>I'm not currently accepting random friend requests. I;d like to chat first and build real friendships.
>I'm a busy person in real life so I can't always play consistently.                                                     
>I'm a friendly person and I like to chat so feel free to PM if you want to have a conversation                                                               
>I own my horses, I'm the head trainer and instructor for a boarding facility, I'm a 4-H leader, and my husband is currently on the other side of the country from me for Amy training until November. I'll add more about myself as I think of it.                
>I get bored and like to read other people's presentations sometimes.
7.18.2022 ~Update~
We have our county fair rapidly approaching! Everyone is in full swing to get ready and I am very busy! If I don't respond to you right away, my apologies, I will respond eventually.
6.22.2022 ~Update~
I'm taking some 4-H kids to horse camp tomorrow:) I'll be back on Sunday!
5.29.2022 ~ Update~
My wedding was just as magical as I could have hoped for, and the honeymoon even more so! (We went to Disney World, where the magic lives). But, I am officially back and in full swing for competitive breeding:)
5.8.2022 ~Update~
I am Officially signing off for now! I'll try to be on and off to answer PM's however, my wedding is in a week and I have so much to do to prep! I'll be returning 5.29/5.30
5.1.2022 ~Update~
I'm officially at 3 weeks before my wedding! I'll be around less during this time. Please be patient with me if I don't answer your PM's right away.
Currently seeking horse care help!!                  
>Searching for someone trustworthy to help take care of my horses during this busy season for me. Please PM for more details!